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Committees & Superintendents

Fair Committees

Executive Committee: Jim Edwards, Ch., Harry Reffner, John Zembower & Bill Hoover
Advertising & Promotion: Dick Barkley, Ch., John E. Holbert, John Zembower, Bill Hoover, Jake Hoover, Peggy Zembower & Barbara Mearkle
Agriculture: Tom Wakefield, Ch., Richard Barkley, Dwayne Hay & Melanie Barkley
Personnel Committee: Bill Hoover, Ch., Harry Reffner, Jake Hoover, John Zembower, Barb Mearkle & Jim Edwards
Premium Book Tabloid: Barbara Mearkle, Ch., Harry Reffner & Eileen Davis
Gate Manager & First Aid Coordinator: Terry Gardill
Sponsorships: Bill Hoover, Ch., John H. Holbert
Building & Grounds: Jake Hoover, Richard Barkley, John Zembower, Alan Noel, Peggy Zembower & Ron Gibner
Concessions: John E. Holbert, Ch., Doris Imler, Tom Wakefield, Peggy Zembower & Ron Gibner
Entertainment: John Zembower, Ch., Jake Hoover, Bill Hoover, Barb Mearkle & John E. Holbert
Midway Stage Music: Barbara Mearkle, Ch., Bill Hoover
Fair Queen Contest: Co-Ch., Beverly Stanton & Peggy Zembower
Harness Racing: Jake Hoover, Ch.
Racing: Jake Hoover, Co-Ch., John Zembower, Co-Ch., Jim Edwards & Bill Hoover
Truck Pulls: Troy Mickle and Jason Mickle
Strategic Planning Committee: Bill Hoover, Ch., Barb Mearkle, John Zembower, Jake Hoover & John Sloas
Jordan Hall (Senior Exhibits): Harry & Marcia Reffner
Fair Week Office Staff: Doris Imler, Mgr., Linda Shaffer, Peggy Anderson
Safety Committee: Bill Hoover, John E. Holbert, Alan Noel, Peggy Zembower, Barbara Mearkle, Dwayne Hay, Jake Hoover, John Zembower & Tom Wakefield
Show Ring Coordinator: Johnny Sloas, Ch./Coordinator, Travis Price, Keith Lohr, Trent Lohr & Mike Cottle
Show Arena Announcer: Paul Shaffer
Grandstand Manager: Shelia Easter
Senior Events Committee: Bill Hoover, Ch., Ella Bowman, Traci Weyant
Veterans Appreciation Committee: Susie Mickle, Lisa Cairo, & Jr Fair Board
Voices on the Grandstand Contest: Susie Mickle, Dan & Galla, Peggy Zembower, & Don Fair
Exhibit Entry Clerk: Harry Reffner, Nicole Arnold, Chelsea Spade
Security & Parking: Irvin Claycomb, Ch.
Stage and Track Managers: John Zembower, Jake Hoover, & Bill Hoover
Sound Systems: Don Fair & Kevin Harklerode
Traditional Scrapbook Committee: Marcia Reffner, & Lori Lewis
Digital Scrapbook Committee: Barbara Mearkle & Shane Feather
Website, Social Media, Videography & Photography: Barbara Mearkle, Ch., Jamie Mearkle, Jake Hoover, Harry Reffner, Shane Feather & Scott Feather
Jr. Fair Board: Bill Hoover, Ch., Jim Edwards, Dwayne Hay, & Troy & Susie Mickle, Advisors
Talking Cow, "Big Bertha" Ag Promotion Committee: Thomas Wakefield, Ch., Bill Hoover, Jr Fair Board Members
Kids Pedal Tractor Pull: Brandon Hartrampf, Ch., Glenn Smith & Joe Hine

Department Superintendents

For Department committee members, see individual departments under Premium Guide.

Jordan Hall (Sr. Exhibits): Harry & Marcia Reffner
4-H Exhibit Building: Leann Harr & Ivah Coleman
Sheep: Rodney Fisher
Jr. Horse & Pony: Erin Cromer & Lauren Carpenter
Model Horse: Michele Dibert
Jr Beef: Kay Kring & Joe Cogan
Dairy: Wayne Koontz
Jr Dairy Beef: Tiffany Cessna
Jr. Swine: Wayne Felix & Rick Foor (Assistant)
Jr. Dairy Goats: Spring Truax-Whisel
Jr. Market Goats: James Over
Carcass Lamb: Scott Myers
Group Exhibits: Dwayne Hay
Livestock Judging Contest: Melanie Barkley & Ginger Fair
Dairy Judging Contest: Dwayne Hay & Wayne Cessna
Rabbits: Don Barton & Cheryl Jezeskie
Cavy: Tammy Reyan
Poultry: Craig Reasy
Jr. Vegetables, Fruits & Floral: Kay Kring, Bethany Kensinger & Cierra Horton
Jr. Home & Dairy Products: Bonnie Diehl & Erin Jay
Jr. Needlecrafts: Beverly Stanton & Amanda Zug
Jr. Arts & Crafts: Janice Penrod & Dana Shade
Sr. Vegetables, Grains & Hay, Eggs: Richard Hyde, Kara Lynn and Lori Foor
Sr. Fruits & Nuts: Stacey Shaffer
Sr. Home & Dairy Products: Jenny Horner
Christmas Trees: Steve Young
Sr. Floral: Susan Trimeloni
Sr. Needlecraft: Lana Fisher
Sr. Arts & Crafts: Dena Diehl & Shelly Cable
Jr. Horticulture: Kay Kring
Wines: Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Geisel
Sheep Leadline: Vicky Styer
Horseshoe Pitching Contest: John Clites
Log Cutting Contest: Zack Brouse
Fair Beautification Contest: Beth Sherwood, Andy & Nicole Arnold
Voices on the Grandstand Contest: Susie Mickle, Peggy Zembower, Dan & Galla, & Don Fair
4-H Air Rifle Contest: Jeffrey Brantlinger
4-H Air Pistol Contest: Cheryl Jezeskie
Apiary & Maple Projects: Jenny Horner
Antique Farm Machinery: Bob Dibert

Veterinarians: Dr. Andrew Erickson, Dr. Michele Anderson, Bracken Ridge Veterinary Service & Veterinary Medical Center

The Bedford Fair Association would like to thank the volunteers who are listed above, and all the other volunteers and employees who make our county Fair possible. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!

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