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Junior Fair Board

Troy & Susie Mickle
Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the Bedford County Junior Fair Board. Membership is open to all young people between the ages of 14 to 21 who live and reside in Bedford County, PA. Method of selection of these representatives is at the discretion of the Board of Directors. The one-year membership term will run from January to December. You must be 14 years of age but not older than 21 years of age at the time of selection.
The board will consist of no more than twenty (20) members and the number of new members selected each year will be enough to maintain the board. Assistant advisors can be added; however, they must be approved by the BCF Board.
The purpose of the Junior Fair Board (JFB) is to provide young adults with an opportunity to develop leadership skills, perform community service and become aware of the business and operations of the Bedford County Fair. Junior Fair Board member duties will include providing outreach in the member's communities and schools as well as providing input to the Board of Directors as to what their age groups would like to see at the fair. The Junior Fair Board’s efforts will include pre-fair set up in all areas of the fair and involvement in other fair activities. During the fair, Junior Fair Board members will assist with various tasks during the week.
The Junior Fair Board will be under the direction of Advisers, Troy and Susie Mickle, Assistant Advisors, Kyra Pittman and Emily Clark, Junior Fair Board Committee and the Board of Directors.
This is an incredible opportunity to expose young individuals to a very unique and exciting industry plus put you in touch with your fair in a way that would be hard to do any other way. Applications and information are available at the Fair office or by clicking on the links below.
2024 Junior Fair Board
Emily Clark
Assistant Advisor
Kyra Pittman
Assistant Advisor
Wyatt Wigfield
Joe Cox
Vice President
Allison Leader
Nolan Bowser
Hannah Freidenbloom
McKenzi Black
Myles Bowser
Derek Felix
Dylan Felix
Sylvana Harr
James Harrison
Addison Horn

Trey Myers
Landon Wigfield
Not pictured:
Jolynn Mickle
Cali Leppert
Bill Hoover, Chairman
Susan Mickle
Troy Mickle
Tom Wakefield

Officers of the JFB shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The meeting for re-organization shall be held at the first meeting of the year. These will be a one (1) year term position.
Duties of Members
*Your term will run for a period of one year, but you may re-apply each year.
*It is mandatory you attend meetings when they are called. The JFB Advisors will determine excused absences or exceptions. Meetings will be held more often during March through September than winter months.
* You will be required to work a certain amount of hours fair week as well as committees. Those will be explained under the requirements.
*You may be removed at any time during the year for inappropriate, unacceptable behavior or for not fulfilling your duties.
* You must carry a professional attitude when handling fair attendees.
* Use appropriate dress, behavior, and language especially when representing the fair.
* Take responsibility for planning and conducting your committees.
* Have a willingness to promote the fair.

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