Bedford County Fair - July 23-29, 2023
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Junior Livestock Sale

Bedford County Fair Junior Livestock Sale

Sale Committee: Vaughn Myers, Chairman; Ginger Fair, Treasurer; Melanie Barkley, Penn State Extension, Kyler Myers, Rodney Fisher, Wayne Felix, Scott Myers, Jim Over, Craig Reasy, Kay Kring, Tiffany Cessna, Clarissa Barton and John Sloas
Sale Auctioneers: Mark Swope, Erza Swope, Deryl Clark, Frank Brumbaugh, David Tremel, Bill Knisley, Daryl Weaver & Linda Claycomb
1. All Grand Champions and Reserve Champions will be sold.
Sale Order:
8:45 a.m. Sale Announcements
9:00 a.m. Dairy Products
9:10 a.m. Quilt
9:15 a.m. (approx.) Grand Champion Market Poultry (There will not be any Poultry at the Fair this year due to the Avian Flu)
9:45 a.m. (approx.) Grand Champion Market Goat
11:15 a.m. (approx.) Grand Champion Market Lamb
12:30 p.m. (approx.) Grand Champion Market Hog
1:45 p.m. (approx.) Grand Champion Steer
2:45 p.m. (approx.) Grand Champion Dairy Beef

Other animals to be sold:
MEAT GOATS -- The top 2 goats from each class will be sold in the livestock auction sale. In addition, any exhibitor not placing first or second will sell his or her higher placing goat. No exceptions.
MARKET LAMBS -- All first and second place lambs from each of the twelve (12) weight classes (top 24) will be sold. Also any exhibitor not having a first or second place lamb will sell their top placing lamb. NO EXCEPTIONS!
MARKET HOGS -- The top three (3) hogs from each of the fifteen (15) weight classes (top 45) and one hog per member that does not have a hog in the top 45. All remaining market hogs will be sold in lots. Lot hogs will be permitted to be removed from the sale order lots by that animal's exhibitor only. This must be done immediately following the market hog show Thursday evening WITH NO EXCEPTIONS. Only hogs that would be assigned to the lots are eligible. There will be no exchanging of hogs. All lot hogs removed from the sale order must be removed from the fairgrounds on Friday between the hours of 5:00 and 9:00 p.m. Wayne Felix must be contacted when removing hogs. AGAIN NO EXCEPTIONS. Swine committee will have final decision in all matters. Any violations will result in forfeiture of premiums and the privilege of exhibiting at future Bedford Fair Market Hog Shows. No hogs that went through the sale will be loaded out until after the steer sale is completed.
MARKET STEERS -- All exhibited steers are eligible to be sold. The only steers that can be withdrawn from the sale are those that will be exhibited at later shows (ex. Keystone). The exhibitor must notify the chairmen of the steer show immediately following the steer judging Wednesday if this option is being taken.
CARCASSES -- The Grand Champion, Reserve Champion and 3rd place carcasses, as judged "on the rail", will be sold immediately following the Grand and Reserve Champions of their respective species.
MARKET POULTRY --(There will not be any Poultry at the Fair this year due to the Avian Flu) The Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion will be sold. The Champion and Reserve Champion division winners will also be sold.
DAIRY BEEF -- The Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion will be sold. The Champion and Reserve Champion division winners will also be sold.
3. Buyer numbers will be used. Registration of buyers begins at 8:00 a.m.
4. TERMS OF SALE: Cash on day of sale or net 10 days. Interest will be charged at the rate of 1 1/2% per month (18% APR) after 10 days.
5. Animals become the responsibility of the buyer at the close of the sale on Saturday. Arrangements for your animals can be made with local haulers and slaughter houses the day of the sale.
6. A sales slip must be presented to the people in charge of each barn before removing an animal.
7. Consignor (exhibitor) checks will be mailed as soon as all buyers have paid for their purchases.
8. The sale committee reserves the right to accept or reject liability in case of accidental death or injury of any junior exhibitors market animal. In any event, the sale committee reserves the right to hold the exhibitor completely responsible for any costs as they deem necessary.

No substitution of any animals in the sale order on the day of the sale. NO EXCEPTIONS!

No exhibitor may approach a buyer on sale day to attempt to get their animal back after it has been sold.
This behavior will result in being banned from next year's show and sale.

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