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Demolition Derby Schedule & Information

If you are unsure of how to do something or have questions pertaining to the rules
or build please call or text.
Josh Charles @ 814-934-2164 or Tyler Smay @ 814-615-7272

Tuesday - July 27


6:30 p.m. (Pit gates open at 3 p.m.) - Sponsored by: Altoona First Savings Bank, Sac Inc. and Interchange Parts

Thursday - July 29


6:30 p.m. (Pit gates open at 3 p.m.) - Sponsored by: Weaver Sanitation

Please READ all information!

1. Please read all rules carefully.
2. Rules and entry forms are available at the Fair office or forms can be downloaded by clicking on link below.
(Fair Office hours: April - May 28 - 9 am-12 pm Monday - Friday --- June 1 - July 24 - 9 am-12 pm and 12:30 pm-4:30 pm, Monday - Friday)

Everyone, (including all drivers and children) must pay the "Pay One Price" fee at the outer gate plus a pit fee of $15 at the pit gate. All children must have parental supervision and parents must sign the Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement to enter the pit area.

Four (4) Cylinder, Six (6) Cylinder, Mini Vans, Pickups/Vans/SUV's Derby Prizes
*Last 2 cars running in each heat - $100 each and plaque
1st Place Feature winner - $600 and trophy
2nd Place Feature winner - $300 and trophy
Fans Choice - trophy
Large Car V8's Derby Prizes
1st Place Feature winner - $750 and trophy
2nd Place Feature winner - $450 and trophy
Fans Choice - trophy

High Octane Promotions LLC - Rules and Regulations


1. Absolutely no Alcoholic beverages or intoxicated people in the Pits. Alcohol will be confiscated and intoxicated parties ejected and possibly arrested.
2. Drivers, Officials and towing Personnel are the only people permitted on the track before, during and after the event.
3. All drivers are required to wear an approved safety helmet and eye protection. Full face helmets, neck braces and long sleeves are recommended. Drivers license is required at time of registration.
4. A fully functional seat belt is required and must be worn at all times until the heat is completed. Drivers must stay in their vehicles with helmet and belt on until the event is over. Car and driver will be disqualified for the evening if the driver unhooks seat belt or removes the helmet during the event while under green.
5. All vehicles must be completely stripped prior to arriving at the track. This includes all windows, lights, chrome molding, plastic bumper covers, and fiberglass header panels and interior (you may keep the dashboard in place).
6. Furthermore all vehicles must be swept clean of debris including glass and dirt. Do not break the glass in the doors. All air conditioning systems must be drained and rubber hoses removed prior to arrival at track. Inner driver door padding is required.
7. All cars must be clearly marked on both sides and the roof with 18” high numbers. Roof signs are allowed, no manor of mounting roof sign may strengthen vehicle in any way. Profanity will not be permitted on vehicles.
8. Passengers are not permitted to ride on or in the demolition derby cars at any time. This includes pit areas, parking lots, and driveways.
9. All vehicles must have a working hydraulic brake system before and during the event, no exceptions.
10. Any vehicle that does not make an aggressive hit within one minute on a live car will be timed out.
11. Officials will shut down any vehicle they deem a safety risk. This includes the battery or fuel tank coming loose, vehicles which are leaking fuel, seat or seat belt breaking etc.
12. If there is any plate, round or square tube in or on the frame outside of what is allowed, its an automatic load, you will not have the option to remove it nor be issued a refund for entry/registration fee. Please call before fixing any rust and or repairing prerans. You must prove your rust and or bends.
A. COMPACT CARS: Any American or foreign car or station wagon only.
1. 4 cylinder class: 105 inch wheelbase or less. Four cylinder engines or less only. Camrys may not shorten front frame rails.
2. 6 cylinder class: 112 inch wheelbase or less. Only 6 cylinder engines or less will be allowed.
B. FULL SIZE CARS: Any American made auto or station wagon. No imperials or imperial sub frames 73 and older. 2003 and newer panther platforms must run the factory aluminum cradle and factory steering rack, please call with any questions.
C. MINI VANS: Any foreign or domestic minivan, mini truck or mid SUVs/crossovers, no full size full framed vehicles allowed. Please follow all other general build rules, class specific rules are listed at rule #19
D. FULL SIZE TRUCKS: Any foreign or domestic full-size truck, van or SUV permitted. No duallys allowed. Please follow all other general build rules, class specific rules are listed at rule #19
** Only the modifications mentioned below will be allowed to the car body and frame**
1. An approved metal, aluminum or stainless gas tank/fuel cell must be used. All tanks must have standard fuel line type fittings, tanks and lines must be free of any leaks, absolutely no exceptions. Fuel tanks must be securely mounted to the floor or gas tank protector. No zip screws, bungee cords or any sort of rubber tie downs are permitted. . No factory gas tanks permitted under or in the vehicle.
2. The battery must be securely mounted in a battery hold down box of some kind and be located in the passenger floor board area. The box must be securely mounted to the floor. No zip screws bungee cords or rubber tie downs permitted. It is recommended to cover the top of the battery with a piece of rubber. Only one battery is permitted.
3. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you run at least a steel pipe or square tubing behind the drives seat from door post to door post. A simple 4 point cage consisting of a seat, dash and two doors bars will be allowed. All cage bars must be 5” from all sheet metal. Door bars may not extend past the firewall and no further back than the center of the rear doors. Maximum diameter of cage tubing will be 4x4. You are allowed four 6x6 ¼” mounting plates or angle iron to attach cage to body. All bars must be securely welded in place, no exceptions.**gas tank protectors must be centered off the back seat bar and be a maximum of 24” wide measured from outside to outside. You may have a backing to your tank protector but it may be no higher than the tank itself and must run vertical. The 5” rule is applied to any and all parts of the gas tank protector.** One front window bar 2x2 max or chain is required. Mounted 4” max on the roof and cowl area. No rear window bars of any kind are permitted.
4. BUMPERS: You have three options for bumpers which are as follows:
A. You may run a factory OEM automotive bumper. No seam welding of bumpers, ends may be cut for clearance but must remain open.
B. You may run a SMW or comparable aftermarket bumper, no homemade bumpers allowed. Call with questions.
C. You may run a single piece of 4x4x1/4” square tubing, it must remain flat and no modifications to the tubing will be allowed. Ends must remain open. Tubing bumpers must only be used on the front.
D. You may trim/ square the front frame to the front edge of the core support mount/core support. You may hardnose the front bumper/weld it directly to end of frame.
E. If welding the bumper directly to the end of the frame you may use two 6x6 ¼” plates one per frame rail to aid in bumper mounting. These plates must be welded to the front of the frame only.
F. If you choose to hardnose, no bumper brackets or shock may be in or on the frame period. If using bumper brackets/bumper shocks they may only be welded the first 6” inches of the frame measured from the back of the bumper.
G. You may collapse and weld the bumper shocks to the frame and the bumper.
H. You must 9 wire or chain from bumper to sheet metal only on both front and rear of vehicle, two spots per bumper max. this is to keep the bumper on the car, it is not intended to strengthen the vehicle is any way, abuse it and loose it.
5. The hood may be secured in 6 places using max 3/8 chain, two loops of #9 wire per hold down spot or banded. Or the hood may be bolted down in four spots with ½”x8” all thread and 3” max washers **hood must be open upon coming to inspection**Doors and trunk/tailgate may be secured in the same manner as the hood or you may weld 2 6”x6” plates per seam, except for drivers door as it may be welded solid/skinned with up to ⅛” plate, driver door plate may only extend 3” onto surrounding metal, must not be attached to frame in anyway. Solid welding of any other doors or trunk/tailgate will not be permitted. Tucking of trunk lid is allowed, no wedging or folding quarter panels over or onto trunk lid. Creasing will be allowed however no doubling or folding of creases will be accepted, creases may not be welded. A simple crease on the rear quarters and fenders is all that's allowed
6. There must be a minimum 12” diameter hole cut out in the center of the hood and trunk. Station wagon inner decks must be visible for inspection purposes. You may use 12 3/8” bolts around hood and trunk cut out hole.
7. Rear frame rails may be notched or dimple to allow trunk to bend. No other frame modifications allowed.
8. You must maintain a 1” gap minimum between body and frame, this includes sub and k frames. Body mount bolts may not travel through the floor however you may replace up to 4 body mounts using ½” dia 6” long bolts with 3”x3” washers, bolt may only pass through one layer of the frame and must maintain a 1” gap minimum between body and frame.
9. Core support mount may be changed in addition to your 4 body mounts; maximum core support spacer height is 4” with ½” dia bolt max 6” long.
10. Engine and transmission swaps are allowed. Engine mounts may be welded in place. You may use two pieces of 3/8 chain to help secure the engine. Chains must only be secured to engine crossmember.
11. You must use a oem transmission crossmember. You may use chain or a oem rubber mount to secure the transmission to the crossmember.
12. No distributor, carb, midplate or transmission protectors of any kind allowed. However you may run a simple lower cradle with a pulley protector. If you choose to run a lower cradle you must run a rubber motor mount and remove the sway bar. Stock driveshaft’s only, no slider drive shafts permitted.
13. All cooling systems must be original equipment or less and must be located in the engine Compartment, under the hood. No cooling system fluids (motor oil, transmission or water) are permitted in the driver's compartment. No auxiliary tanks are permitted. You may use any fan of choice but steel fan blades are not permitted.
14. Any oem passenger car suspension may be used. Must have working shocks on all four corners; however shocks may be stuffed or clamped. Tie rods and ball joints must remain factory or oem replacement only. Coil springs may be changed, suspension must move no locked/solid suspension or snubber bars. However spring spacers/ risers are allowed. No leaf spring conversions or relocation of leaf springs. Stock leaf spring packs only, no adding or flipping of leaf springs. Two aftermarket or replacement leaf clamps permitted per side. Please call if performing a watts link conversion. No hump chains of any kind will be allowed.
15. Any factory 5 lug semi float rear end may be used. Rear may be locked or welded to achieve posi traction, any gear ratio of your choice. Absolutely no axle savers, braces or any strengthening of rear end housing. The only welding allowed on rear end housing is bracket swaps (leaf springs rears used in coil spring cars). Pinion brakes are allowed but may not be used to strengthen cars in anyway.
16. Any tire will be permitted. No studded tires, no split rims, all wheel weights must be removed. Air only in tires no solid or foam filled tires. Simple weld in center will be allowed, no full centers, plated rims or bead locks allowed.
17. Aftermarket shifters, gas and brake pedals will be allowed. You may also run any steering column setup of your choice. Upright headers are also allowed but must point straight up. Any of the following bolt in pieces may not strengthen the car in anyway.
18. Officials reserve the right to re-inspect any car at any time, before during or after the event. Any cars due to receive prize money will be subjected to a re-inspection before money is paid.
A. You may run your fuel cell/tank in the passenger compartment if you choose to do so, if mounted in the bed it must be against the back of the cab and centered within the bed.
B. Beds must be secured to the cab in a maximum of 8 places. ½” bolt with 3” washers max or 6x6” plates welded to cab and bed. You may use the combination of the two so long that you do not exceed 8 mounting spots.
C. Tailgate must remain in the factory location or removed. If running a tailgate it must be secured in two spots per seam following the doors/trunk and tailgate rules.
D. Absolutely no split rims.
E. A halo/roll over bar is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
20. This is to be a stock style show with limited welding. Any extra welding with be completely removed or result in disqualification depending on the severity of the rule infraction.
If you are unsure of how to do something or have questions pertaining to the rules or build, please call or text.
Josh Charles @ 814-934-2164 or Tyler Smay @ 814-615-7272

Bedford County Fair Special Rules

1. All pre-registrations will be handled at the fair office in Bedford. Entry forms will be available at www.bedford-fair.com and at the fair office starting April 1st. During April thru May 28, office hours are 9 a.m.-12 Noon, Monday thru Friday. Hours from June 1 until the Fair, are 9 a.m.-Noon and 12:30-4:30 p.m., Monday thru Friday.
2. A driver’s license must be presented at the time of registration.
3. The entry fee is $10.00 per vehicle per class.
4. All persons in the pit must wear official wristband.
5. Everyone, (including all drivers and children) must pay the $15.00 Pit Fee and wear a wristband.
6. All persons must pay the "Pay One Price" at the main gate. This allows you on the rides and into the exhibits, and on the grandstand.
7. Vehicle hauling demo car will not be charged a parking fee.
8. Children must have parental supervision and parents must sign the Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement to enter the pit area.
9. Registration will close 30 minutes before start of event. Late entries can only be approved by the presiding judge.
10. The decision of the officials will be final.
11. NO ALCOHOL OR INTOXICATED PEOPLE IN THE PITS!! They will be ejected and possibly arrested! Any alcohol will be confiscated!!!
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