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2021 Dedication

It is with great pleasure that the Bedford County Fair Board dedicates the 2021 Bedford County Fair Premium Book to Doris Imler.

Doris was hired in 1995 as fair secretary by president, John H. Holbert. For the past 26 years, she has been an appreciated and devoted secretary for our fair family.

As the fair was outsourcing accounting functions and payroll, Doris offered to learn and assume the positions, which created a savings for the fair. Doris is always willing to learn and to help keep the fair moving into the future. Her latest conquest is Quickbooks.

After moving into the office manager position, she prepares monthly treasurer's reports, completes accounts payable and receivables, does payroll, composes letters, sends invoices, and maintains the list of the fair shareholders for the annual meetings.

During fair week, she prepares over 100 badges for board members, superintendents and volunteers. Doris helps organize the livestock office with checks, supplies, and setting up the cash register. She stands ready to assist exhibitors with questions and collects entry forms. She also fulfills the duties of custodian of wine entries as they are received for competition and when it was time to judge, there is never a bottle missing! During a busy fair week, Doris is our "calm in a storm". After her work day is finished, you can find her enjoying a Snyder's funnel cake with all the toppings before heading home. After the fair, Doris works diligently to assure exhibitors receive their checks and bills are paid.

Being a faithful member of the fair staff, she had proved to be a valuable asset to the fair and a major contributor to our success. You can continuously count on her to complete her duties on time. She is always willing to go the extra mile for the fair. This was no a small feat as she answers to ten different board members and a fair manager.

Doris tells of amusing story shortly after she started concerning her boss, John H. Holbert. She walked into his office one day and asked for his “John Henry” on a letter. He turned and replied, “Why Doris, that is my name, John Henry Holbert.” She was shocked as she never knew his middle name.

Doris has been our unsung hero for the past 26 years. She is a loving wife, mother and grandmother. When you see her, please congratulate her on a job well done! Also, pass on good wishes to her and her husband Ron, on celebrating 61 years of marriage!

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