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Department 16

Department 16 - Section 1 - Christmas Trees

Superintendent: Steve Young (735-4285)

1. See Department 11-24 Rules.
2. Trees to be exhibited shall be within the six (6) to eight (8) feet height range, measuring from the bottom of the handle to the top of the tip. Any tree that is outside of this size range will not place above any within the stated range.
3. No trees may be exhibited that have been sprayed with or have had artificial color or other chemicals added in any manner.
4. No trees may be exhibited to which limbs or foliage that did not grow naturally in place.
5. Trees may be exhibited as they have grown naturally or they may be sheared and shaped by the exhibitor.
6. No holders should accompany the trees. All trees will be supported in a like manner.
7. Wreaths must be made on a 12 inch ring of natural greens and the outside diameter must not exceed 24 inches.
8. Decorated wreaths must include a bow and may contain dried or other decorative material or ornaments.


CLASS... $20 $16 $12
1 Any Pine
CLASS... $24 $20 $16
2 Douglas Fir
3 Concolor Fir
4 Fraser Fir
5 Other Fir
6 Blue Spruce
7 Any Other Spruce
CLASS... $10 $7 $5
8 Undecorated Wreaths
9 Decorated Wreaths
Trees will be judged for a BEST OF SHOW, winner will receive a Rosette and $10.
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