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Department 21 - Wines

Superintendents: Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Geisel
Committee: Angie Claar

1. Wines entered for competition must be produced under regulations of Part 540 of the Code of Federal Regulations.
2. All wines must be produced and bottled by the exhibitor. Wines may be from any years grapes, grape concentrate, fruit, fruit juice, honey, or other fermentable.
3. All wines must be sealed in a 750 ml, or liter bottle.
4. Bottles entered must be labeled as follows (type or print): year of fermentation; name of wine (if applicable; name(s) of grape(s), fruit(s), honey,or other fermentable.
5. Bottles will be covered not to disclose names of exhibitors.
6. Entries may be mailed to the Fair grounds at the exhibitor's expense; completed entry form must accompany the entries.
7. All entries must be received by 7:00 pm July 25, 2020.
8. Ribbons and premiums can be mailed, bottles will not be mailed.
9. Exhibitors may enter only 1 entry per section. For example an exhibitor may enter in white grape only one bottle in the sections Dry, Semisweet, Sweet, and Blend he may then enter one bottle in the other classes and their sections.

Section 1

Classes - White Grapes

CLASS... $10 $7 $5
1 Dry
2 Semisweet

3 Sweet
4 Blend

Section 2

Classes - Red Grapes

1 Dry
2 Semisweet

3 Sweet
4 Blend

Section 3

Classes - Other Fruits

1 Apple
2 Blueberry
3 Apricot

4 Cherry
5 Blackberry
6 Raspberry

Section 4

Classes - Other Wines

1 Dandelion
2 Rhubarb

3 Honey
4 Other
Best of Show - Winners in Department 21 will compete - $10 & rosette
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