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Department 22 - Truck Pulls

Saturday, July 29 - 5:00 p.m.
Gates open at 3:00 p.m./Scales open at 4:00 p.m. Pit Gate Closes at 8:00 p.m.!
Participants will pay the "Pay One Price" fee ($12.00) at the outer gate plus a pit insurance fee of $13 at the pit gate.
CO-CHAIRMAN: Troy Mickle and Jason Mickle
PREDATOR PULLING SLED owned and operated by John C. Creasy will be the sled used for this event.
Please be sure to read all of the rules!
This is a NON POINTS pull open to all entries.
Information contact phone number - 814-442-3262
ANYONE (puller, crew member or family member, spectator) who has a complaint will talk to a TRACK OFFICIAL, NOT to the REGISTRATION STAFF!!
Safety is highly stressed!!!
Pull at your own risk!!!
Not responsible for accidents!!!
Positively no alcoholic beverages!!!

Truck Pull Classes - Section 2

($50, $40, $30, $20, $10)
($150, $120, $90, $60, $30)
($150, $120, $90, $60, $30)
BIG DOG 3.0 DIESEL 8000#
($150, $120, $90, $60, $30)
(Purse depending on number to class entries.)
($50, $40, $30, $20, $10)
($100, $80, $60, $40, $20)
($100, $80, $60, $40, $20)
($50, $40, $30, $20, $10)
(Purse depending on number to class entries.)

General Rules - Applies to ALL Classes

1. All track officials decisions are final. All pullers pull at their own risk.
2. All drivers must attend drivers meeting prior to contest.
3. All vehicles must be registered before start of class.
4. Only driver allowed in vehicle during competition. (NO passengers)
5. A contestant may be disqualified for either emotional or physical reasons by Competition Director or track officials. Examples: Disrespecting staff, fighting, causing an aggressive scene, drugs or drinking alcoholic beverages. Drivers will be held responsible for the actions of their crews.
6. No one allowed on the track except for track officials and contestant.
7. Tech officials reserve the right to revise and alter rules throughout the season.
8. All vehicles must register and pass tech inspection before competing. Tech officials can reinspect any vehicle at any time before, during and after competing. Refusal is a DQ.
9. All pulls must start with tight chain. No jerking permitted. Vehicle must remain in boundaries of track or puller will be disqualified. No second attempt on a pull off.
10. Driver must wait for green flag before starting pull.
11. Vehicles must stop immediately if given the red flag from officials.
12. Competition vehicles must always be operated in a safe manner on track and in pits and in staging areas. Track Officials have the right to stop and disqualify any vehicle being operated in a reckless manner. All flagmen must be obeyed.
13. Track officials have the right to:
a. Reweigh any vehicle at any time. Re Tech any vehicle at any time.
b. Disqualify a competitor for breaking any rule or for un-sportsman like conduct.
c. Refuse any competitor from competing in the competition for that night.
d. Alter the rules for safety concerns or to keep the class competitive.
e. Handicap any vehicle that is dominating in a particular class.
14. Driver can re-hook if stopped or attempted stop is within 75 feet.
15. Exhibition hooks may be permitted at the discretion of Competition Director.
16. There must be a minimum 2.5# Fire Extinguisher within reach of driver at all times.
17. Fuel can be tested at any time.
18. No Nitrous, Propane or pressurized accelerants.
19. First puller in class is considered the test puller and can take that hook or come back at end of class to re-pull. All decisions must be made before puller leaves track. There will be no second attempts on a pull off.
20. Disqualifications: Any vehicle touching the white boundary line. Loss of weights or safety equipment. Loss of excess fluids or parts. Unsportsmanlike conduct. Final decision by ORLO.
21. Competition Director's decision is final in all classes. He also has option to re-pull all 1st pulls.
22. Competition Director is Orlo. Orlo has ALL final decisions before, during and after event.

Rules - Big Dog Street Diesel, 8,500 lbs

1. Maximum weight 8500#
2. All trucks must have legal registration, license plates and have insurance card matching VIN Number on truck.
3. All trucks must have legal State Inspection Sticker.
4. Dealer tags allowed as long as dealer owns said truck with proof of ownership.
5. OEM Chassis is Mandatory (Boxing and strengthening is allowed.)
6. Stock suspension must be in place and working. Suspension must be in stock location for frame being used. Must have minimum 2” of travel to solid.
7. OEM Steering parts only.
8. Traction bars allowed; Limited to two attachment points only. No Inflated air bags allowed.
9. Batteries must be in stock location.
10. Four wheel working brakes mandatory.
11. All body parts must be in stock locations. Flatbeds allowed only if approved by Competition Director aka ORLO.
12. Exhaust must be at least 8 foot long from turbo. NO exhaust Hood Stacks allowed.
13. Drive line must be OEM parts. Differentials no larger than came in one tone truck.
14. SFI Bell housing or blanket required. There will be a Onetime exception only.
15. DOT tires only. Limited to 12.5 tread width. Duals can be run but overall tread width Maximum of 12.5 inches. NO exceptions. Tires cannot protrude more than 2 inches past bed. Stock duals only. No spacers, adapters or Real Wheels. Back tires must track at least 50% over front tires.
16. No Nitrous or propane.
17. Hitch must be Reese style or stock bumper. Must be minimum of 27% of Wheelbase from center of back rear to inside of hitch. Hitch must have minimum 3.5 inch hole to hook.
18. Inducer in turbo can be no larger then 2.59. Maximum Map width groove of 1/4 inch.
19. Must be original factory wheel base truck. Non Cab and chassis.
20. No Aftermarket Intakes or exhaust manifolds.
21. Hitch Height 26”
22. All final decisions made by ORLO.

Rules - Big Dog Enhanced Street Diesel 8500#

All rules from Street Diesel Class apply with these additions and changes. Trucks must be Street Legal as per rules from Street Class.
1. Solid or blocked suspension allowed. OEM Chassis must be retained and in place. Tubing supports can be added to frame for strengthening.
2. All factory bed parts must be retained and in place including floor.
3. One injection pump allowed. Dual common rail high pressure fuel pumps are legal. Power stroke engines can use a second HPOP.
4. Pulling Hitch permitted. Hitch cannot fasten to frame past front of center line of back axle.
5. 400 cubic inch limit.
6. Driveshaft hoops required.
7. No Nitrous or propane allowed.
8. Aftermarket steering allowed.
9. SFI Bell housing or Brackets required.
10. No Drop boxes allowed.
11. Tires limited to 12.5 inch width front and back. Duals total width of 12.5 inches. Spacers and adapters allowed.
12. Turbo limited to 2.9 inducer bore. Maximum ¼ inch Map Groove. No cages allowed in front of inlet.
13. Hitch height is 26”
14. Fire extinguisher 2.5# minimum required to be mounted securely within reach of driver.
15. Aftermarket intakes and exhaust manifolds and headers allowed.
16. All final decisions made by ORLO.

Rules - Big Dog 2.6 Smooth Bore Diesel 8000#

1. Maximum weight 8000# with driver.
2. OEM Chassis required. Strengthening and added tubing are allowed. Lengthening of frame allowed up to 158“. Longer trucks 158” to 172” must maintain OEM measurements for body being used.
3. Must have OEM Body including full bed floor. No Flatbeds permitted. Aftermarket hoods allowed. Aftermarket radiator assemblies allowed but must be securely mounted in the same area as OEM unit.
4. Maximum cubic inch 460. No aftermarket blocks permitted. No deck plates or Billet heads allowed. Cylinder head must be OEM or OEM replica for brand of engine. Outside of cylinder must measure factory width and length.
5. Hook point no closer then 44” of center line of rear axle. Hitch height of 26” with a minimum of 3.75 by 3” opening. Hitch must be stationary in all directions. Hitch must be frame mounted. Reese Style hitches are PROHIBITED.
6. Turbo limited to 2.6 inducer bore. Bore must be smooth. NO MAP Width Enhancement Groove (MWE) allowed. Compression wheel must protrude into 2.6 bore for 1/8 inch. Bore will be checked with 2.605 plug. Plug must be able to contact wheel. No removable plugs or reducers allowed.
7. All vehicles must have upward pointing exhausts behind cab or out of truck hood.
8. Front hanging weights allowed. Weights must not exceed 60 inches forward of the center line of front axle. Ballast may be added to bed but must be securely fastened.
9. All trucks must have 6” wide U-joint shield around ALL U-joints constructed of %/16” steel or 3/8 aluminum. Shield must be securely mounted to vehicle.
10. Minimum 2.5# Fire Extinguisher secured within easy reach of driver.
11. All drivers must have valid drivers license. A full fire suit, SFI jacket, pants, helmet and seat belt restraint must be worn.
12. Complete OEM floor pan is mandatory. Vehicle must have complete firewall. Aftermarket seat permitted with safety restraint system. Cab may be gutted.
13. Hand throttles permitted. Diesel fuel only. NO Propane Nitrous or compressible is allowed. No Water injection permitted.
14. Maximum of one P-Pump up to P7100 allowed. 13MM plunger limit. Multiple high pressure common rail pumps is legal. Ford Power stroke engines may use second HPOP.
15. OEM front and rear ends required and must be from factory one ton or smaller.
16. Hydraulic steering permitted. Traction bars permitted. Air bags not allowed.
17. Tires must be DOT Maximum size of 35X12.50. No studded tires or chains or cuts.
18. Manual Trannys must be OEM. Must have flywheel shields or blanket.
19. Water injection prohibited. Air to air intercooler only. No ice or water allowed.
20. Front brakes are mandatory. Batteries must be securely mounted and may not be in drivers compartment.

Rules - Big Dog 3.0 Diesel 8000#

1. Maximum weight with driver and ice water ready to pull 8000#, 7900# without ice at scales.
2. Maximum wheel base 172”. Must be based on ¾ or one ton chassis. Strengthening allowed. Rigid suspension allowed. Hydraulic steering permitted.
3. Maximum engine size will be 460 cubic inch. Engine must come factory in one ton or smaller diesel truck. Engines may be interchanged between manufacturers.
4. Hook point must be no closer than 44” from center of rear axle, hitch height minimum of 26” with a minimum 3.75” X 3.0” opening. No trick hitches are permitted. Must be stationary in all directions.
5. Ice water intercoolers allowed.
6. Water injection prohibited.
7. Maximum of one P-Pump up to P7100 allowed. The use of multiple high pressure Diesel fuel only. No Propane, NO2 or other accelerants allowed. No water injection common rail fuel pumps is permitted. Multiple HPOP is legal. Electronic fuel injections is permitted. Hand throttles are permitted.
8. A full fire suit SPI jacket, pants, helmet and seatbelt/restraint must be worn. Fire extinguisher is required in cab mounted securely within reach of driver.
9. Tires must be DOT approved maximum of 35X12.50. No alterations to tires or cut tires permitted. Dual rear wheels permitted on rear axle only.
10. Front hanging weights must not exceed 60” from front axle on 172 inch wheel base trucks. Shorter wheel base trucks can extend weight box to a maximum of 232” from center of rear axle.
11. Traction bars permitted. No air bags. Rear Suspension can be solid.
12. Axle shields required. U-joint shields required on all u-joints.

Rules - Big Dog Open Diesel 8000#

1. 8000 # maximum weight as pulled.
2. Any size or amount of turbos allowed.
3. Back halves. Tube frames permitted. Ladder frames allowed.
4. Any differentials or transfer case permitted including Drop Boxes.
5. Driveshaft hoops required. Bell housing blanket required.
6. No Nitrous or Propane.
7. DOT tires only any size up to 12.5 inches wide. Spacers and adapters allowed.
8. No traction control permitted.
9. Weights maximum 60” from center of front axle. Wheelbase maximum 172”.
10. All safety equipment required. Fire extinguishers. Fire suit and driver restraints.
11. Solid suspension allowed, can be pinned.

Rules - Small Block Street 6500#

1. 420 cubic inch limit.
2. Factory Fuel Injection only.
3. Aftermarket cast heads allowed. Aluminum Heads permitted. Must be OEM only.
4. Dual plane intake only air gap permitted.
5. Single plane intake trucks will pull at 6200#.
6. Square pattern Holly or Quadra Jet Spread Bore pattern only.
7. No Dominator pattern permitted.
8. Factory Aluminum blocks only.
9. Vehicle does not have to be inspected but must pass inspection.
10. No frame alterations.
11. Must run at least 6 foot of exhaust.
12. No vertical heads
13. Suspension can be pinned or blocked with 1” of travel to solid.
14. Traction bars allowed. Limited to 2 attachment points.
15. Steering parts must be OEM or OEM Aftermarket. Hydraulic assist permitted.
16. Tires must be DOT with maximum width of 12.5 front and rear.
17. 12 inch wide rims permitted.
18. Rear tire track must over at least 50% of front track.
19. No drop boxes allowed.
20. Transfer case must be 205 style.
21. One carburetor only.
22. Note: Drop box trucks may be allowed to compete at lighter weight. Decision to be made by Competition Director (ORLO).
23. Only 4 add-ons permitted. Intake, carb, headers, cam.

Rules - Small Block H O 6200#

1. 440 Cubic inch limit.
2. Single Carb only. No Tunnel Rams or sheet metal intakes,
3. Reese Hitch allowed; Hitch will be minimum of 27% of wheel base.
4. No traction control allowed.
5. Eleven inch or smaller differentials.
6. DOT tires only with maximum of 12.5 inch width on all four corners.
7. Weights maximum of 60” from center of axle to front of weights.
8. NO Drop Boxes. NO Reversers.

Rules - Big Block H O 6200#

1. All rules are the same Small Block H O.
2. Only exception is NO cubic inch Limit.

Rules - Big Block Street 6500#

1. All Small Block Street rules apply with the following exceptions:
2. NO cubic inch limit
3. If there are not enough to create a Class, Big Block Street will pull with Small Block Street at a lighter weight decided by ORLO, Competition Director.

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