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Department 10 - Supreme Showmanship

Supreme Champion Showmanship - Friday - 6 p.m.

Committee: Rodney Fisher (814-623-7778), Kaytee Norris (814-494-2308), Susan Clark and Julie Sarver

The Supreme Champion Showmanship Contest will consist of the Overall Champion Showman for each of the eight species - dairy, beef, sheep, swine, meat goats, breed goats, breeding heifers, and dairy beef.
The judge(s) will score each of the classes. The scores will be based off of a point system. The contestant with the LOWEST score will win, like golf. Each place will be worth that amount of points, for example, first place is one point, and so on. At the conclusion of all eight classes, the judge(s) will announce the winner of the Supreme Champion Showmanship Contest based on the contestant with the lowest score.
Animals will be chosen by each Master Showman. The animal CAN NOT be housed on the same farm and NOT be an immediate family member's animals.
The Supreme Champion Showman will receive a Supreme Champion Banner that is sponsored by Geisel Funeral Homes and a Supreme Champion Showman Customized Jacket that is sponsored by Morral Farm Supply. All participants will be given a gift sponsored by Fort Piper Prints.

1. Contestants must be the Overall Champion Showman of a species.
2. Where one member wins more than one champion showman award, he or she will show the species that they won the first champion showman award. The 2nd place showman of the other species is then eligible to compete.
3. Judge(s) will be judging on the individual’s showmanship ability and not on the presentation of the animal.
*The judge(s) will be solely judging contestants on showmanship.
*Judge(s) will not take the fitting of the animal into consideration.
4. Scoring:
*The scores will be based off of a point system.
*The contestant with the LOWEST score will win.
*First place will be worth 1 point, second place will be worth 2 points, third place will be worth 3 points, fourth place will be worth 4 points and fifth place will be worth 5 points, and so on.
*Tie breaker will be determined by the total number of individual placings starting with 1st, then 2nd and then 3rd and so on if there is still a tie.
5. Animals that are being used in the Supreme Showmanship Contest must be clean and presentable. Exhibitors are responsible for making arrangements with the owners to have the animals at ring side.
6. All showmanship rules and regulations regarding attire, cleanliness and sportsmanship apply.
8. Showmen cannot win the Overall Showmanship Contest more than two times.
9. Committee will provide identification for each contestant.

Thank You to Our Sponsors

Supreme Champion Showman Banner – Sponsored by Geisel Funeral Homes
Supreme Champion Showman Customized Jacket - Sponsored by Morral Farm Supply
Gifts for Participants - Sponsored by Fort Piper Prints
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