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Department 13 - Senior Vegetables

Superintendents: Richard Hyde, Kara Lynn and Lori Foor

1. These factors are generally used by an expert vegetable judge: Trueness to variety type with uniformity in size, shape, and color. Condition and maturity.
2. Potatoes should not be washed, remove soil using a soft cloth or brush.
3. Tomatoes should have stems removed.
4. Carrots, beets, etc. should have all but 2" of stems removed.
5. Entries with incorrect number of specimens displayed will not be judged.
6. See Department 11-24 rules.

Sr Vegetables

Classes - Section 1

CLASS: $3 $2 $1
, Dry shelled, one pint
A Pea or Navy
B Marrowfat
C Horticultural
D Kidney
E Edible soybean
F Lima's
2 BEANS, Green shelled, one pint
A Small seeded Lima's
B Large seeded Lima's
C Horticultural
D Edible soybean
3 BEANS, Horticultural, one dozen
A Bush type
B Pole type
4 BEANS, Lima, one dozen
5 BEANS, Snap, bush type, 1 doz.
A Round green pods
B Flat green pods
6 BEANS, Snap, pole type, 1 doz.
A Round Green Pods
B Flat Green Pods
C Round yellow pods
D Flat yellow pods
7 BEETS, 5 specimens, topped
A Globe shaped
B Half long
C Long Lutz types
D Mangels
8 BROCCOLI, large head
10 CABBAGE, head
A Early pointed types
B Domestic round heads
C Danish ball head types
D Flat types
E Red types
F Savory types
G Chinese types
11 CARROTS, 5 roots, topped
A Half long, stump rooted
B Half long, pointed
C Long
12 CAULIFLOWER, 1 head
A White types
B Purples types
13 CELERY, one plant in soil
A Yellow type Fordhook Pascal
B Green type Fordhook Pascal
14 CORN, (Sweet), 5 ears, husks on
A Yellow Hybrids
B White Hybrids
C Other types
A Pickling under 3" - 10 specimens
B Pickles (3" to 5") - 5 specimens
C Slicing (over 5") - 5 specimens
16 EGGPLANT, 1 specimen
17 ENDIVE, one plant in soil
A Green curled
B Broad leafed
18 GARLIC, 1 bulb
A Garlic
B Elephant
A One variety five specimens
B Mixed varieties five specimens
C Collection - 6 or more kinds attractively displayed. Unlimited number of specimens
A Dill
B Mint
C Any other
21 HORSERADISH, 3 roots, (1" min. diameter)
22 KALE, 1 plant in soil
23 KOHLRABI, 1 specimen
24 LEEK, 5 stalks
25 LETTUCE, one plant
A Leaf types
B Butterhead types
C Crisphead types
26 MUSKMELONS (Cantaloupes), 1 specimen
27 OKRA, 5 specimens
28 ONIONS (bulbs), 5 specimens mature for storage
A Yellow flat
B Yellow globe
C White flat
D White globe
E Red flat
F Red globe
G Bottle
H Sweet Spanish type
29 ONION (Sets), one pint, mature for storage
A Yellow
B White
C Red
D Multiplier
30 ONIONS (bulbing), 5 specimens
31 PARSLEY, 5 bunches in water
A Curled type
B Plain
32 PARSLEY, root, 5 roots with tops
33 PARSNIPS, 5 specimens tops off
34 PEANUTS, 1 pint
35 PEA PODS, 1 pint
36 PEPPERS (Sweet), 5 specimens Bell or bullnose shape
A Green
B Red
C Yellow
37 PEPPERS, (Sweet), thin fleshed 5 specimens
A Green
B Red
C Yellow
38 PEPPERS (Pimento), 5 specimens
A Green
B Red
39 PEPPERS (Hot), 5 specimens
A Small
B Round
C Long
40 POTATOES, 5 tubers
A Katahdin
B Russet-Rural
C Sebago
D Irish Cobbler
E Kennebec
F Chippewa
G Red Pontiac
H Any other variety
41 PUMPKINS, 1 specimen
A Small sugar (pie)
B Winter neck Cumshaw
C Connecticut field
D Largest single field pumpkin (specify weight)
42 RADISHES (Summer), 5 specimens
A Small Round
B White Icicle
43 RADISHES (Winter), 5 specimens
A White type
B Black Spanish
44 RHUBARB, 5 stalks together
45 RUTABAGAS, 5 specimens topped
46 SQUASH (Summer), 1 specimen
A Straightneck
B Crookneck
C Bush Scallop-Patty Pan
D Cocozelle
E Zucchini
F Spaghetti
47 SQUASH (Winter), Large, 1 specimen
A Acorn-Table Queen
B Boston Marrow or Delicious
C Hubbard
D Mammoth sweet types
E Largest single specimen (specific weight)
F Buttercup
G Butternut
48 SWEET POTATOES, 5 specimens
A Jersey Orange
B Maryland Golden
49 SWISS CHARD, (1 stalk in soil)
50 TOMATOES, (5 large fruited)
A Red
B Yellow
C Mature Green
D Italian
51 TOMATOES (small fruited), Red and Yellow
A Cherry (10 specimens or 5 clusters)
B Pear shaped (10)
C Plum shaped (10)
52 TURNIPS, 5 specimens topped
53 WATERCRESS, 1 bunch in water
54 WATERMELONS, 1 specimen
A Midget
B Oblong
C Largest single watermelon
Best of Show...$10
55 HOME GARDENS, 10 or more kinds of vegetables, not less than 3 specimens of each
CLASS... $5 $4 $3
56 MARKET BASKET, 5 or more kinds of vegetables, attractively displayed
CLASS... $3 $2 $1
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