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Department 10 - Junior Market Goat

Superintendent: James Over (814-766-3877)
Committee: Karla Over, Lisa Smith, Jason Mickle & Jody Mickle
1. Project animal must have all of their milk teeth to be eligible to show in the meat goat show, i.e. no older then 10-12 months of age.
2. Any horns not blunted or tipped at check in will be blunted/tipped by a committee member at that time.
3. Castrated if male. Females may also be shown.
4. No late castrations (fresh wounds or swelling not permitted).
5. Must have health papers according to Fair rules. (See goat health rules - Section 10).
6. Members must tag all project animals at the fairgrounds on the first Saturday of May from 8 am until 12 noon. Each member may tag 3 goats but may only enter and show two (2) goats in the meat goat show. All goats will be tagged specific to each showman and will not be changed after tagging day. A fee of $5 per tag will be charged at tagging to cover expenses. Any goat with a scrapie tag bearing the word “meat” will not be tagged. These animals were designated for slaughter through a sale barn and are not eligible for show.
7. All animals must be in their owner's possession by tagging in May.
8. If any tags need replaced due to loss or infection, contact James Over to schedule re-tagging. There will be a $5 charge per tag for re-tagging.
9. Goats must weight 55 - 110 lbs. to be eligible to show. Goats not making weight will not be placed in a pen and must be taken home the same day.
10. Any and all health problems must be reported to the superintendent. (See goat health rules - Section 10).
11. The meat goat show is open to any breed or crossbred of meat goat genetics. Purebred dairy goats are not to be shown in the meat goat show. Goat's ears must be large enough to tag as determined by show superintendent.
12. The junior meat goat show will begin on Monday at 6 p.m. The Pee Wee show will be held immediately before the type show.
13. The top 2 goats from each class will be sold in the livestock auction sale. In addition, any exhibitor not placing first or second in their class will sell his or her highest placing goat. No exceptions. In the event that a showman's goats both earn the same placing, the heavier of the two goats will be placed in the sale unless notified otherwise by the exhibitor by NOON on TUESDAY.
14. There will be twelve (12) classes divided by weight to (as nearly as possible as selected by the goat committee) have equal numbers in each class.
15. Health papers and goats will be checked for health concerns by show attendants before entering barn. Any goats not passing health inspection will not be penned and must be taken home.
16. Goats will only be accepted for unloading Saturday 7 am - 10 am and 6 pm - 9 pm.
17. Goats will be weighed in and project books and health papers will be checked at time of check-in before goats are placed in pens.
18. Each animal must be shown by its owner according to tag-in information and fair entry.
No goats will be accepted after 9 PM. Any goats not making weight must be taken home the same day.
19. Goats may not be kept inside enclosed tents for fitting, etc. at any time during the fair week. Failure to follow this rule WILL result in the animal not being permitted to show and or be in the sale at the discretion of the goat committee.

Market Goat Show - Monday - 6 p.m.

Classes - Section A6B

CLASS: $10 $8 $7 $6 $5 $4
1 Class 1
2 Class 2
3 Class 3
4 Class 4
Champion and Reserve Champion Light Weight .. Rosettes
5 Class 5
6 Class 6
7 Class 7
8 Class 8
Champion and Reserve Champion Middle Weight ... Rosettes

9 Class 9
10 Class 10
11 Class 11
12 Class 12
Champion and Reserve Champion Heavy Weight ... Rosettes

Market Goat Fitting & Showmanship - Monday 9 a.m.

1. Fitting/Showmanship judging will take place 9 a.m. on Monday morning.
2. Goats not making weight (55-110 lbs.) may not be shown for type or showmanship. Showman whose goat(s) were entered but did not make weight or pass inspection may borrow a goat from another showman to use in the goat showmanship competition.
3. Clipping and fitting may be done at home.
4. Premiums $8 to each person who participates in the showmanship show.
5. All pee wee showman must borrow a current exhibitors goat for the Pee Wee show. The Pee Wee show takes place immediately before the type show at 6 p.m.
6. Ages used for showmanship divisions are as of January 1st.

Classes - Section A6C

CLASS: $8 will be given to each person who qualifies
1 Advanced Division (19 yrs.& older)
2 Senior Division (15 - 18 yrs.)
3 Intermediate Division (12 -14 yrs.)
4 Junior Division (8 - 11 yrs.)

Thank you to our sponsors

Grand Champion Banners sponsored by Morral Farm Supply and Hostetler's Concessions
Reserve Champion Banners sponsored by Woodz Arce Boers - The Over Family and Hostetler's Refrigeration
Advanced Champion Fitter/showman sponsored by Norris Family Farm
Advance Reserve Champion Fitter/Showman sponsored by Lo-Vay Farm - The Smith Family
Sr. Champion Fitter/Showman sponsored by Myers View Farm

Sr. Reserve Champion Fitter/Showman - In Memory of Cindy Sollenberger sponsored by The Sollenberger Family
Intermediate Champion Fitter/Showman sponsored by Richard & Joyce Barkley
Intermediate Reserve Champion Fitter/Showman sponsored by Kyler & Samantha Myers
Jr. Champion Fitter/Showman sponsored by Petrou Livestock
Jr. Champion Fitter/Showman sponsored by Jason & Jody Mickle
Master Showman sponsored by Arnold's Time Well Spent - Dave & Kim Arnold
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