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Department 10 - Junior Horse & Pony

Co-Superintendents: Erin Cromer (814-979-8602) and Lauren Carpenter (814-617-0577)
Committee: Glenda Truax, Hillary Kegg, Rozi Yorty, Tina Ewing, Brandy Thornton and Sarah Sewalk
If entering both horse and livestock, please use separate entry forms - DO NOT include horses and livestock on same entry form!
Special Rules: Check animal rules (Equines: Sections 8 & 9).
1. Vehicles used by 4-H Horse & Pony members, used for sleeping but not parked in designated camping area, may be moved closer to the horse barns from 10:00 pm to 7:30 am in order to be closer to the horses; however, clear access lanes to and around each barn must be kept open at all times for emergency (fire, ambulance and utility) vehicles. In no case may extension cords from any campers and "sleepers" be plugged into the barn lights or plug outlets. Vehicles (cars and pickup trucks) belonging to Horse & Pony members, leaders and parents are to be parked in the Horse & Pony parking lot above the horse show ring whenever possible. There are to be no tents pitched, trailers or vehicles of any kind parked in front of the barn on the north track side unless you are unloading. The Horse & Pony Committee will have the responsibility of seeing that these rules are followed.
2. An office fee of $5 per horse or pony will be collected at the announcer's stand when you check in for each animal exhibited in the Jr. Horse & Pony Production & Performance Shows.
3. It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to follow the show and be at the in-gate on time. Two minute gate call.
4. Junior Horse Project & Junior Horse Championship rules in 2020 State 4-H Horse Show rule book will apply with the exception of rule no. 8, Department 10, Rules, 4-H, FFA & Vo-Ag Jr. Livestock.
5. All miniatures horses must be 40" or under in height. They may be registered or unregistered. Height certificate required.
6. Any 4-H member under the age of 12 years of age must have a Level 1 Horsemanship Skills form signed by (3) three examiners in order to show in the production classes. Any new 4-H or FFA member showing for the first time at the Fair must have a form signed by (3) three examiners that they have passed State Level 1 Horsemanship Sills or Bedford County Basic Horse Safety Skills in order to show in futurity or performance classes at the Fair.
7. 4-H members' registration papers, coggins, rabies vaccination verification signed by a vet, and measurement certificate (for pony classes) on performance and production animals were due in the Extension Office by June 1. FFA members are to attach copies of their coggins, rabies vaccination verification signed by a vet, registration papers, height certificate (for pony classes) for their performance and production animals to their Fair entry form. If there are no papers with the entry form the entry will NOT be accepted. Fair entries are due in the Fair office on June 25.
8. THERE WILL BE NO TACK OR FEED STALLS IN THE HORSE BARNS AND THERE WILL BE NOTHING PLUGGED INTO LIGHT FIXTURES IN THE HORSE BARNS! No hoses are to be used to water horses and no extension cords are to be run from campers to the barns.
9. Any 4-H or FFA members winning a trophy in class 8 through 11 and 13 through 16 in that age group is not eligible for that trophy again until they reach the next age category. However, anyone winning the trophy in either the Champion Grooming or Showmanship class is then eligible to show in the Master Grooming or Showmanship class also (this applies to previous years' winners also). If you have changed age categories this year you are eligible to enter the Champion Grooming or Showmanship (classes 8 through 11 and 13 through 16) class and if you win the trophy, you are eligible to show in the Master Grooming or Showmanship class.
10. Class 7, 20 Year & Over Mare or Gelding, Horse or Pony. The animal must be 20 years old or over. It must have been shown in 4-H at least two years. They must have a current record book either performance or production. If showing production then you may bring them in on Wednesday and take them home on Wednesday. The animal must have a current coggins, rabies vaccination verification signed by a vet in accordance with the Animal Health Rules, Horses, in the premium tabloid. Participants in this class may still show in the 4 years (mare or gelding) and over production class. Animals in this class will be judged on their conformation and how well they have aged. This class was designed to say thanks to the animals that have given so much to us.
11. Class No. 18 is for 2-year-old horses/ponies only, walk/trot only, any tack. Classes 19 and 20 are for 3, 4 and 5-year olds, walk, trot/jog, canter/lope.
12. Class 21, 22, 23 and 24 are PERFORMANCE CLASS and members may show a total of two animals in these classes.
13. Any 4-H, or FFA member in violation of any of the rules in this Fair Web or the Premium tabloid will automatically be disqualified from participating in the shows.



Production Show - Wednesday - 9 a.m.

Classes - Section A1B

CLASS: $15, $10, $6, $5, $4, $3, $2, $1
1 Yearling Geldings
2 2 & 3 Yr. Old Geldings
3 Geldings - 4 Yrs. and Over
4 Yearling Fillies
5 2 & 3 Yr. Old Fillies
6 Mares - 4 Yrs.& Over
7 20 Years & Over, Mare or Gelding, Horse or Pony (Check Rule No. 11 for eligibility for this class)
CLASS: Rosettes
8 Champion Western Junior Grooming (Jr. Champion, Jr Reserve Champion)
9 Champion Western Senior Grooming (Sr. Champion, Sr Reserve Champion)
10 Champion English Junior Grooming (Jr. Champion, Jr Reserve Champion)
11 Champion English Senior Grooming (Sr. Champion, Sr Reserve Champion)
12 Master Grooming 8 years & up (Grand Champion, Senior Champion, Reserve Senior Champion)
Each participant in the Showmanship classes (13, 14, 15, 16 and 17) who signs up and qualifies according to the judge will receive $4, you may only qualify in one class.
CLASS: Rosettes
13 Champion Western Junior Showmanship (Jr. Champion, Jr Reserve Champion)
14 Champion Western Senior Showmanship (Sr. Champion, Sr Reserve Champion)
15 Champion English Junior Showmanship (Jr. Champion, Jr Reserve Champion)
16 Champion English Senior Showmanship (Sr. Champion, Sr Reserve Champion)
17 Master Showmanship 8 years & up
CLASS: Trophy & Ribbons
18 2-Year-Old Futurity (check rule no. 11)
19 Western Pleasure Futurity (check rule no. 11)
20 English Pleasure Futurity (check rule no. 11)
CLASS: $10 $8 $6 $4 $3 $2 $1 $1
21 Horse Trail
22 Pony Trail (14.2 & under)
23 Beginner Trail
26 Miniature Horse Obstacle Trail
27 Miniature Horse Jumping - trophy and ribbons

Weekly prizes: $20, $15, $10

30 Good Housekeeping Award - Junior Horse & Pony Barns Clubs will be scored on the following basis: 30 points - Clean and tidy walkway in front of stalls, display of ribbons, awards won. 50 points - Cleanliness of animals and bedding, including availability of fresh water at all times. 20 points - Posting of statistical information, to include: 4-H member's name and club, Horse's name, age, sex and breed. Inspections will be made daily and will be unannounced.

Performance Show - Friday - 9 a.m.

RULES: (check Animal Health Rules - Equines: Sections 8 & 9.)
1. Classes are open to 4-H and FFA Horse and Pony members regularly enrolled in 4-H clubs or Junior FFA clubs in Bedford County.
2. 4-H rules and guidelines will be followed in judging the classes with the exception of rules 5 & 10 on page 16 under Production Show in the tabloid.
3. Members may show two (2) animals in Working Hunter Horse/Pony. However ONLY (2) two animals may be shown and they must be 4-H or FFA project animals.
4. Rule 8 of Dept. 10 general rules applies only in the breed classes, not performance classes.
5. If you enter classes 14 or 16 you cannot ride in Dollar Bareback or any equitation or pleasure class. You may, however, ride in the game classes. Members may ride in these classes (14 & 16) only (2) two years.
6. Versatility Class - Only 1 helper allowed, 10 minute tack change in the ring between Hunter Hack and Western classes. In Hunter Hack (2 jumps) rider may choose height of jump with a minimum height of 18". Game class will have a 10 minute tack change outside the ring and then be called at random order. Classes are: Western Pleasure, Hunter Hack and Barrels.
7. Classes 24 through 27 will be cross rail classes with jumps being 18" high at the center. You may choose to trot or canter the jumps, however if you chose to canter you must stay in a canter or if you chose a trot you must stay in a trot.
8. In the Hunter Hack classes you may be asked to hand gallop at judge's discretion.
9. Western high point (horse and pony): Western Pleasure, Ranch Horse Pleasure, Trail and Driving. Hunt Seat Highpoint (horse and pony): Hunter Under Saddle, Hunter Hack, Working Hunter over jumps, Trail, Driving. Saddle Seat Highpoint: Saddle Seat Pleasure, Trail, Driving. Mini Highpoint: Trail, Driving and Jumping. Beginner Highpoint: Beginner Trail, Walk/Trot Pleasure, Driving.
10. Members must choose between class 7 or 8. You can only enter one of these.
11. CLASS ORDER: English classes are first in even numbered years (2022, 2024), Western classes are first in odd numbered years (2021, 2023). Running order of classes is available in the current year Roundup booklet.
12. Please fill out your Fair entry form according to department, section and class number and name in the Fair Premium Tabloid or on website.

Classes - Section A1P

CLASS: $10 $8 $6 $4 $3 $1 $1
1 Dollar Bareback ribbons only
2 Miniature Horse & Pony Driving (14.2 hands & under), Senior Driver
3 Miniature Horse & Pony Driving, (14.2 hands & under), Junior Driver
4 Pleasure & Draft Horse Driving ( over 14.2 hands)
5 Western Horsemanship, Senior trophy & ribbons
6 Western Horsemanship, Junior trophy & ribbons
7 Western Pleasure Horse, Senior & Junior
8 Ranch Horse Pleasure
9 Western Pleasure Pony (over 13.2 hands not over 14.2)
10 Western Pleasure Pony (13.2 hands & under)
11 Ranch Riding (8-13) (Check PA 4-H Rule Book for rules.)
12 Ranch Riding (14-18) (Check PA Rule Book for rules.)
13 Simon Says ribbons only
14 Walk/Trot Pleasure (see Rule 5)

15 Pleasure Pairs
16 Walk/Trot Equitation (see Rule 5) trophy & ribbons
CLASS: $15 $11 $9 $6 $4 $3 $2 $1 $1
17 Versatility (Hunter Hack - 2 jumps, Western Pleasure & Barrels)
CLASS: $10 $8 $6 $4 $3 $2 $1 $1
18 Saddle Seat Pleasure
19 Saddle Seat Equitation trophy & ribbons
20 Hunter Under Saddle Horses
21 Hunter Under Saddle Ponies (14.2 & under)
22 Hunter Seat Equitation on the flat, Senior trophy & ribbons
23 Hunter Seat Equitation on the flat, Junior trophy & ribbons
24 Hunter Hack Horses
25 Hunt Hack Ponies (14.2 hands & under)
26 Working Hunter Horses over jumps
27 Working Hunter Ponies over jumps (14.2 hands & under)
28 Egg-N-Spoon ribbons only

Performance Show - Saturday - 9 a.m.

RULES: (check Animal Health Rules - Equines: Sections 8 & 9)
1. Same rules apply as stated in rules listed on Friday.
2. Members may show two (2) animals in classes 30 through 50. Classes 42 through 50 will be performed if time permits. There will be no payback or ribbons in these classes.
3. Game high point: Horse, Large Pony & Small Pony - Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Keyhole, Cutback

Classes - Section A1P

CLASS: $10 $8 $6 $4 $3 $2 $1 $1
30 Barrel Racing Horses
31 Barrel Racing Ponies (over 13.2 hands not over 14.2)
32 Barrel Racing Ponies (13.2 hands & under)
33 Pole Bending Horses
34 Pole Bending Ponies (over 13.2 hands not over 14.2)
35 Pole Bending Ponies (13.2 hands & under)
36 Keyhole Horses
37 Keyhole Ponies (over 13.2 hands not over 14.2)
38 Keyhole Ponies (13.2 hands & under)
39 Cutback Horses
40 Cutback Ponies (over 13.2 hands not over 14.2)
41 Cutback Ponies (13.2 hands & under)
42 50 -Yard Dash Horses
43 50 - Yard Dash Ponies (over 13.2 hands not over 14.2)
44 50 - Yard Dash Ponies (13.2 hands & under)
45 Straight Barrel Horses
46 Straight Barrel Ponies (over 13.2 hands not over 14.2)
47 Straight Barrel Ponies (13.2 hands & under)
48 Thread the Needle Horses
49 Thread the Needle Ponies (over 13.2 hands not over 14.2)
50 Thread the Needle Ponies (13.2 hands & under)
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