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Department 108 - Poultry

Poultry Show is Monday, July 27 at 9:00 a.m.
1. Poultry showing is only open to 4-H and FFA members in good standing and carrying a poultry project. For showmanship classes, age is determined as of January 1 of the current year.
2. All breed poultry exhibition birds must be owned by May 1st. Young birds should be at least 4 months old by the time of the show. No bird can be entered into more than one division. No more than one bird per class.
3. See meat bird special rules for ownership requirements.
4. All poultry must meet health requirements of the Bureau of Animal Industry, Dept. of Ag and the owner-endorsed health certificate must accompany the entry at check in. This certificate is available from your leader, ag advisor, or at the Fair office.
5. All poultry entering an exhibition must bear an official PDA-issued leg band.
6. Exhibitors must use the Bedford Fair Livestock Entry Form.
7. All poultry must be checked-in on the fairgrounds by noon on Sunday the start of fair week. Exhibitors must be present to check in their birds for health inspection prior to caging any birds. Hands-on health checks will be done at the following times - Saturday-2 pm-5 pm, Sunday-10 am-noon. Exhibitors must have the required health certificate for health check and an owner endorsed health certificate.
8. No animals showing signs of contagious, infectious disease or external parasites will be admitted.
9. All pens must be kept clean throughout the week. If your cage is not kept clean, or project is not cared for properly, you may be barred from future exhibition. Exhibitors must provide feed and water bowls.
10. Record books must be up-to-date and checked prior to showing.
Health Requirements: Check Health Rules (Poultry: Section 12)
1. Pullorum-Typhoid Clean Testing and Verification.
2. Tested Avian influenza Clean (a negative test within thirty (30) days of exhibition date).
3. Recommended vaccination for Laryngotracheitus.

Purebred Breed Poultry

Superintendent: Craig Reasy
Committee: Ken Zimmerman, Angie Zimmerman, Joe Nave, Sherri Nave and Cody Nave

Section 100

Classes - Breed Poultry

CLASS... $4 $3 $2 $1
1 Pullets (females under 1 yr. old)
2 Cockerels (males under 1 yr. old)
3 Hens (females over 1 yr. old)
4 Roosters (males over 1 yr. old)
Grand Champion - rosette & $15, Reserve Champion - rosette & $10

7 Pullets (females under 1 yr. old)
8 Cockerels (males under 1 yr. old)
9 Hens (females over 1 yr. old)
10 Roosters (males over 1 yr. old)
Grand Champion - rosette & $15, Reserve Champion - rosette & $10
13 Pullet
14 Hen
Grand Champion - rosette & $15, Reserve Champion - rosette & $10

Market Poultry

Superintendent: Craig Reasy
Committee: Lois Yoder, Jonathan Yoder, Terri Reasy, Lane Yoder and Echo Yoder
1. For the meat poultry classes, orders for birds will be taken in April and meat birds will be available around Memorial Day. Each Exhibitor will raise the same variety of bird over the same period of time (approximately 8 weeks at tim
e of show). There is no limit to the number of birds you can order.
2. Each exhibitor is limited to one (1) entry of two (2) meat birds, which will be judged as a pair.
3. Birds should each weight between 5 and 12 pounds. Each bird will only be weighted once at time of entry. Weigh-in will be on Sunday evening 6 pm to 7 pm. The average weight of the pair will determine the class assignment.
4. The first place pair of each weight division will be judged for Grand & Reserve Grand Champion.
5. Grand and Reserve pairs of meat birds will sell through the Livestock Sale.

Section 103

Classes - Market Poultry

CLASS... $4 $3 $2 $1
1 LIGHTWEIGHT Market Poultry
2 MIDDLEWEIGHT Market Poultry
3 HEAVYWEIGHT Market Poultry
Grand Champion - rosette & $15, Reserve Grand Pair - rosette & $10

Owner-Endorsed Poultry Health Certificate

Poultry Showmanship

1. Everyone participating in showmanship will receive $4 and a placing ribbon.
2. 4-H & FFA members must be showing in the Breed or Meat Poultry Show for eligibility in Showmanship classes.
3. Exhibitors will be judged on their ability to handle and examine poultry, the exhibitor's knowledge of poultry, appearance and actions. Knowledge tested will be age appropriate and consists of questions related to breeds, classes and standard care and management of poultry. A example score sheet can be found in the Scratching the Surface 4-H project book -- Level 1.
4. Showmanship will follow the breed poultry show on Monday.

Section 104

Classes - Showmanship

CLASS... $4
1 BEGINNER (First Year), Ages 8-10
2 JUNIOR SHOWMAN, Ages 11-13
4 SENIOR SHOWMAN, Ages 17 & over

Youth Poultry Selfie Contest

1. This contest is for 4-H and FFA members carrying poultry projects this year.
2. Youth must place their name, age and club information on the back in the lower right hand corner.
3. One entry per exhibitor.
4. Photo must be 5" x 7" in size and must be in a frame. All others will be disqualified.
5. Photo must contain exhibitor and his/her poultry project.
6. Entries must be submitted to Poultry Superintendent by noon on Sunday at the poultry barn.

Section 105

Classes - Selfie Contest

CLASS... $3 $2 $1
1 BEGINNER (First Year), Ages 8-10
2 JUNIOR SHOWMAN, Ages 11-13
4 SENIOR SHOWMAN, Ages 17 & over
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