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Department 102 - Junior Dairy & Junior Dairy Beef

Superintendent: Wayne Koontz (847-2853), Asst. Superintendent: Bob Stanton (652-6252)
Committee (Open & Junior): Bernita Gable, Lori Sollenberger, Amy Gable, Wayne Cessna, Dana Cessna, Beth Clark, Kim Arnold, Angelique Walason, Kenny Stanton, Tanner Walason, Morgan Knepp, and Dwayne Hay
Judge: Paul Beiler, Fredericksburg, PA
1. See animal health rules (Sections 3 & 4).
2. Dairy animals exhibited in the Jr. Dairy show must be shown by the owner, unless prior approval by dairy committee. Rules of the PA Junior State Dairy Show will be observed unless otherwise stipulated.
3. Show Order to be announced.
4. All showmen must wear cards or halters with entry numbers in the show ring.
5. All animals under 2 years old must be owned by June 1 and 2 years and over by June 1. Date of sale on registration certificate will be considered date of ownership.
6. No registration papers pending or photo copies accepted. Genetic recovery rules follow Junior State Show regulations.
7. Milking Parlor Rule: All cows must be identified and registered for milking and milk all week at the parlor.
8. Have papers available for Class 18 at ringside.

Breeds - Sections 1-7

BREEDS: Please note difference in entry process. Breeds are now sections!
Classes below correspond to each breed. For example - Holstein spring calf - entered as "Dept. 102, Section 4, Class 1"; Jersey Sr 2 entered as "Dept 102, Section 5, Class 12"
Section 1 - AYRSHIRE
Section 2 - BROWN SWISS
Section 3 - GUERNSEY
Section 4 - HOLSTEIN
Section 5 - JERSEY
Section 7 - RED & WHITE

Classes - Junior Dairy Animals

CLASS...$10 $9 $8 $7 $6 $5 $5 $5 $5 $5
1 Spring Calf (3/1/20 - 5/31/20)
2 Winter Calf (12/1/19 - 2/28/20)
3 Fall Calf (9/1/19 - 11/30/19)
4 Summer Yearling (6/1/19 - 8/31/19)
5 Spring Yearling (3/1/19 - 5/31/19)
6 Winter Yearling (12/1/18 - 2/28/19)
7 Fall Yearling (9/1/18 - 11/30/18)
Jr. & Reserve Jr. Champions ......Rosettes
CLASS...$12 $11 $10 $9 $8 $7 $7 $7 $7 $7 $7
10 Fall Yearling in Milk (Born 9/1/18 - 11/30/18)
11 Jr. 2 Year Old (3/1/18 - 8/31/18)
12 Sr. 2 Year Old (9/1/17 - 2/28/18)
13 Jr. 3 year old (3/1/17 - 8/31/17)
14 Sr. 3 year old (9/1/16 - 2/28/17)
15 4 year old (Born 9/1/15 - 8/31/16)
16 5 year old (Born 9/1/14 - 8/31/15)
17 6 years and over (Born before 9/1/14)
18 Dry Cow
19 Best Bred & Owned
20 Daughter & Dam
Sr. Champion & Reserve Sr. Champion...Rosettes
Club/Chapter Group (Jr.)...Ribbons only
Grand Champion & Reserve Grand Champion...Rosettes

Section 30 - Dairy Showmanship

Contest Begins Monday at 7:00 p.m.
COMMITTEE: Angelique Walason, Wayne Koontz & Dwayne Hay
Judge: Mike Creek, Hagerstown, MD
1. 4-H and FFA must be showing in the Jr. Dairy Show to qualify to show in Showmanship classes.
2. All showmen must wear cards or halters with entry numbers in the show ring.
Master Showman from previous year will return and show only in the Master Showman Class.
3. First year showman include ages 8-10 only. Older exhibitors have their choice of showing in the Jr. Division or their own age group.
4. Each person in Classes 2-5 will be paid $4.00.
1 Kiddie Showmanship Age 8 & under (pre 4-H)
2 First year Showman (No one over age 10)
3 Junior Showing (9-12)
4 Intermediate Showing (13-15)
5 Senior Showmen (16 & over)
6 Supreme Showmen
7 Alumni Showmanship
(Supreme Showman from previous year will return and show only in the Supreme Showman Class.)

Entry, Catalog and Tagging Forms

Section 100 - Dairy Beef

Contest Begins Tuesday afternoon after the Breeding Beef show.
COMMITTEE: Wayne Koontz, Tiffany Cessna, Tanner Walason, Kenny Stanton & Morgan Knepp

CLASS...$12 $10 $8 $6 $5

1 Lightweight
2 Medium weight
3 Heavyweight
Lightweight Champion - Banner
Medium Weight Champion - Banner
Heavyweight Champion - Banner
Grand Champion Dairy Beef - Banner
Reserve Grand Champion Dairy Beef - Banner

Bedford County Fair Junior Dairy Feeder Steer Guidelines - Project Year 2020
1. Dairy feeder steer calves (no heifers) must be born and tagged between December 1st and March 1st of the current project year. Members can tag and show two animals. Animals cannot be replaced after tagging deadline.
2. Project animal must be tagged by the 4H Leader or FFA Advisor. Animal must have official Bedford County Fair ear tag along with an official RFID ear tag from the farm of origin. Fair Tags and project enrollment form will be available at the Extension Office. Project enrollment form must be returned to the Extension Office by March 8th. No late submissions will be accepted. $5 will be collected per tagged animal and returned with the project enrollment form. Checks made payable to “Bedford County Dairy Committee.
3. Project animal can be any breed of dairy, (Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Holstein, Jersey, Milking Shorthorn, or Red & White) but MUST be pure bred dairy blood. No crossbreeding of dairy breeds or beef parentage.
4. All calves should be dehorned in time to be healed by the show. Calves should be castrated by May 1. Calves must be either cut or banded – Crimping will not be allowed. Dairy beef must be completely free of testicular development and healed at the show.
5. Calves should weigh between 350 lbs. and 750 lbs. on a grain fed diet by the Fair in order to show – Calves will be divided in three classes by weight following weigh-in: Light, Medium, and Heavy.
6. Dairy Feeders will be weighed after the Market Steers on Sunday after the Beef weigh-in, at approximately 2:30 pm. Feeders will be shown on Tuesday afternoon, following the Breeding Beef Show. Showmanship will occur following the Dairy steer show.
7. Members must declare at the scale whether to sell or take their project animal home (Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion will be sold at the sale). All others will not be sold through the livestock sale. The dairy beef committee will seek a predetermined bid for all feeders to be sold. Rope halters must be left with your steers for loading after the fair.
8. Members are responsible for their 4-H Project Books or proof that the steer is entered in the FFA AET system. Members must bring documentation with them at the time of weigh-in or you will not be permitted to show.
9. All members are responsible for health requirements. To add value of animals for the buyer:
A. Calves are required to be vaccinated against IBR, PI3 and BRSV using one dose of modified live vaccine or two doses of killed vaccine. Examples: Bovishield, Pyramid and Inforce (intra-nasal).
B. It is recommended that calves be given a rabies vaccination.
C. If your steer has symptoms of ringworm within 4 weeks of Fair, you should have your animal treated by a veterinarian and a statement of date/treatment.
D. A Certificate of Veterinary Inspection is required within 30 days prior to show.
10. All Dairy Beef calves will be housed together in the Open Show Dairy Barn. You will be responsible for your own bedding, water and feed.
This information shall be modified annually by Fair Committee

Section 101 Dairy Beef Showmanship

Contest - Tuesday afternoon
COMMITTEE: Wayne Koontz, Tiffany Cessna, Tanner Walason
1. Each person who participates in the showmanship contest will receive $4.00.
2. Dairy Beef Steers - Tuesday afternoon, for age classes 8 to 10 yrs., 11 to 13 yrs., 14 to 16 yrs. & 17 yrs. and over.
3. Animals in showmanship must be the exhibitor’s animal.

1. Jr. Showman - Steer (8-10)
2. Jr. Inter. Showman - Steer (11-13)
3. Sr. Inter. Showman - Steer (14-16)
4. Sr. Showman - Steer (17-Over)

Master Dairy Beef Showman will be selected from the winners of each class listed above. The Master Dairy Beef Showman will compete in the Master Showman contest on Friday night.

Good Housekeeping

1. Groups of Junior exhibitors who maintain the most attractive and sanitary exhibit of cattle and equipment will be judged for Good Housekeeping. Junior group includes both 4-H clubs and FFA chapters housing their animals in a group in the Junior Dairy Barn. Groups must have 3 club members exhibiting animals in the group to qualify and housed in one area.
2. Groups will be scored on the following basis:
30 points - Cleanliness of animals and bedding
20 points - Entry cards and ribbons properly displayed
10 points - Keeping grain and hay feed presentable
15 points - Keeping aisles clean
15 points - Courtesy to people
3. Inspection will be made daily and unannounced.

Weekly prizes: 1st $20, 2nd $15, 3rd $10
Champion Good Housekeeping Award sponsored by Shawnee Structures ($25)

Our Sponsors

Thank you to the following Trophy and Banner Sponsors!
Jr. Show Trophies
Holstein Champion sponsored by Bedford County Holstein Club
Holstein Reserve Champion sponsored by Bedford County Holstein Club
Jersey Champion sponsored by Stan-El Jerseys, In Memory of Stanley Jr. & Elva Koontz
Jersey Reserve Champion sponsored by Hidden Hills Jerseys, LLC
Guernsey Champion sponsored by Misty Meadows Farm, Beth Clark
Guernsey Reserve Champion sponsored by Snider Homestead Farm
Red and White Champion sponsored by In Memory of Elmer Carpenter
Red and White Reserve Champion sponsored by John Davis
Ayrshire Champion sponsored by Morrisey Insurance
Ayrshire Reserve Champion sponsored by Morrisey Insurance
Brown Swiss Champion sponsored by Homewood at Spring House Estates
Brown Swiss Reserve Champion sponsored by KeyState Ag
Milking Shorthorn Champion sponsored by Bedford County Dairy Committee
Milking Shorthorn Reserve Champion sponsored by Bedford County Dairy Committee
Supreme Junior Champion Banner and $100 cash sponsored by Hines Equipment, Inc.
Reserve Supreme Junior Champion Banner and $50 cash sponsored by Manor Meadow Farm & Equipment
Best Bred and Owned Banner sponsored by C&C Feather Trucking, LLC., Cindi Mearkle Feather
Showmanship Awards
Kiddie Showmanship sponsored by Bedford County Dairy Promotion and Friends of Dairy
First Year Showman - First Place sponsored by Southern Cove 4-H Dairy Club
First Year Showman - Second Place sponsored by Homewood at Spring House Estates
Junior Showmanship - First Place sponsored by Josh & Leah (Hershberger) Wiesel
Junior Showmanship - Second Place sponsored by Veterinary Medical Center
Intermediate Showmanship - First Place sponsored by Everett Cash Mutual Insurance
Intermediate Showmanship - Second Place sponsored by Ag Choice Farm Credit
Senior Showmanship - First Place sponsored by John Davis
Senior Showmanship - Second Place sponsored by Bedford Rural Electric Cooperative
Champion Showman sponsored by Greenslopes Farm
Alumni Showmanship sponsored by Friendly Moo-Moo's 4-H Club
Dairy Night - Ice Cream sponsored by Don Fair Nutrition
Rope Halters for Jr. Showman sponsored by Homewood at Spring House Estates
Rope Halters for Int. Showman sponsored by Dave & Kim Arnold
Rope Halters for Sr. Showman sponsored by Biran Farms in memory of Randy Zembower
Judging and Housekeeping Awards
Good Housekeeping sponsored by Somerset Trust ($25 & Gift Certificate)
Dairy Judging Class 1 - First Place - Cow Halter sponsored by Cove Farm Supply
Dairy Judging Class 1 - Second Place - Calf Halter sponsored by Hometown Bank
Dairy Judging Class 2 - First Place - Cow Halter sponsored by Greg Whitfield
Dairy Judging Class 2 - Second Place - Calf Halter sponsored by Hometown Bank
Adult Dairy Judging sponsored by John Davis
Dairy Beef Awards
Lightweight Champion - Banner sponsored by West Central Equipment
Medium Weight Champion - Banner sponsored by Eastern States Livestock Systems
Heavyweight Champion - Banner sponsored by Hinish Feeds
Grand Champion Dairy Beef - Banner sponsored by Morrals Farm Supply
Reserve Grand Champion Dairy Beef - Banner sponsored by Harry Snyder Insurance
Dairy Beef Showmanship Awards
Master Jr. Showman (ages 8-13) - Banner sponsored by Battery Boys and Stooges Pub & Grub
Master Sr. Showman (ages 14 & over) - Banner sponsored by Interchange Parts and Gary Shetter Insurance
Master Showmanship - Angie Walason - Lancaster DHIA
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