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Department 22 - Horseshoe Pitching Contest

SUPERINTENDENT: John Clites (814-842-6584); COMMITTEE: Bill Lotz and Raymond Rugg
Satuday - 10:00 a.m.
Tournament game consists of fifty (50) points. Informal games are usually twenty-one (21) points. Points are scored according to the position of the shoes at the end of each inning.
1. Only one player scores in any inning.
2. A shoe must be within six (6) inches of the stake to score.
3. A "ringer" is declared when a shoe encircles the stake bar enough to allow the touching of both heel calks simultaneously with the straight edge and permit a clearance of the stake.
4. Closest shoe to stake scores one (1) point.
5. Two shoes closer than the opponent's count two (2) points.
6. One ringer scores three (3) points, two ringers counts six (6) points)
7. Two ringers against one for opponent counts three (3) points.
8. One ringer and closest shoe of same player scores four (4) points.
9. If each player has a ringer, the next closest shoe, if within six (6) inches of the stake, scores one (1) point.
10. A leaning shoe has no value over one touching the stake.
11. All equals count as ties, and no points are scored.

Horseshoe Pitching

Classes - Section 3A

Prizes...$100, $50, $30, $20
1 Adults Only

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