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Demolition Derby Information

Demolition Derbies

FULL SIZE car stock & mini van derbIES CANCELLED due to track and infield CONDITIONS


The FULL SIZE CAR STOCK CARS will be added to the 4 CYLINDER COMPACT CAR DERBY on Saturday.

Thursday, July 26 - 6:30 p.m.
Sponsored by Weaver Sanitation

4 CYLINDER COMPACT CAR & large car stock DERBies

Saturday, July 28 - 6:00 p.m.
Sponsored by First Commonwealth Bank and Thomas Subaru - Thomas Chevrolet

1. Please read all rules carefully.
2. Rules and entry forms are available at the Fair office or forms can be downloaded by clicking on link below.

(Fair Office hours: April - May 25 - 9am-12pm Monday - Friday --- May 29 - July 20 - 9am-12pm and 12:30pm-4:30pm, Monday - Friday)

Participants will pay the "Pay One Price" fee at the outer gate plus a pit fee of $16 at the pit gate.

Six (6) Cylinder, Pickup Truck/SUV, Four (4) Cylinder Compact Car, Mini Van and Full Size Stock Car Derby Prizes
*Last 2 cars running in each heat - $100 each and trophy (*except for Full Size Stock)
Fans Choice - plaque
1st Place Feature winner - $600 and plaque
2nd Place Feature winner - $300 and plaque
3rd Place Feature winner - $100

Contact Larry Humbertson at 301-697-0142 evenings for questions regarding rules and technical information.

General Rules & Regulations

Demolition Derby Rules and Regulations
Definitions of vehicles:
A. Compact 4 Cylinder Car - Any factory stock American or foreign auto with 105 inch or less wheel base is allowed. Four cylinders engines only.
B. Full Size Stock Car (NO Modified) - Any total factory stock American Made auto or station wagon is allowed. The engine MUST be manufacturer specific. NO CHRYSLER IMPERIALS!
C. Truck & SUV's - Must be ½ ton and and up to ¾ ton. 4x4's "OK" with removal of front drive shaft, (NO 1 ton's allowed). Trucks/SUV's follow other Demo Rules.
D. 6 Cylinder Car - 6 cylinder car must have a 112 inch wheel base or less. All other car rules apply.
E. Mini Vans - Any Mini Van, foreign or domestic, 4 or 6 cylinder models. No rear engine or mid-engine vans. No flat nose vans permitted. All other car rules apply. NO jeeps, SUV's trucks or 4-wheel drive vehicles will be permitted to enter this class!

NO "Checkered Cabs" or other specialty vehicles.
2. All drivers are required to wear an approved safety helmet. Full-face helmets are recommended. Safety belts are required and MUST be worn until the heat is completed. (Factory installed shoulder straps are recommended.) Drivers must stay in their cars with their helmet and belts on until event is over. Car and drivers will be D.Q. for the evening if driver unhooks seat belts or removes helmets during the event while under green.
3. All dirt, glass and loose pieces must be removed from car. (Do not break the glass in the doors.)
4. All glass, including head, tail and side marker lights must be removed prior to coming to the track. The windshield must be removed. No lights, sirens, or other noise making devices in or on the car. Nothing mounted on car over 4" over roof or trunk and hood.
5. All chrome molding, rear seat, sun visors, rear view mirrors, and head liners must be removed. Also carpet and padding.
6. All outside plastic and grill must be removed, including the factory nose piece.
7. Stock gas tank must be removed.
8. A maximum of 3 gallons of fuel will be allowed. A 5-gallon metal, approved gas tank must be securely fastened in the area vacated by the rear seat. An approved plastic marine tank will be permitted. Tank must have a fuel line type fitting. No rubber hold down straps allowed.
9. No modifications or reinforcements allowed to the car body, frame or suspension.
A. Except optional bar behind driver seat from door post to door post no higher than ¾ up the back seat. Maximum diameter 3 inches must be welded in place and optional dash bar permitted.
B. Bumpers - car bumpers only on cars. Bumper shocks may be welded. Bumper bracket may be welded but must be in stock locations with no reinforcements, plates or gussets. No chains or cables around bumpers.
C. Large cars bumper height between 18" and 22" top front and rear bumper.
D. No excessive body bending especially in truck area and no wedging.
10. Inner driver door padding is required.
11. No bumper or framed mounted hitches allowed.
12. A working hydraulic operated brake system is mandatory.
13. Hood, trunk and station wagon inner decks must be visible for inspection.
14. Hood and trunk must be secured after inspection. (Maximum of 4 places on hood and 4 places on truck.) Minimum ¼ inch "chain or cable", no "dog type chain" maximum 3/8 inch chains or cable. No crossing of chains or cable on trunk or hood. No Ready Rod to frame connections. Hood pins allowed through body only, maximum ¾ inch diameter, must not stick up more than 1 ½ inches above hood.
15. Welding: you are allowed 4, 4x4 inch plates, ¼ inch thick maximum, on doors and trunk lid or tailgate.
16. There MUST be a hole in the hood that measures 12 inches in diameter above the carburetor.
17. All doors must be fastened shut by a horizontal solid steel strap, chains or cables. Chains or cables must be minimum ¼ inch and maximum of 3/8 inch. Solid welding of doors will not be allowed.(NO dog type chains.)
18. No forward facing exhaust. Any engine in any car must be in stock location; however engine must be legal for class entered.
19. Battery must be securely fastened to the front seat passenger's floorboard. No rubber straps allowed. Top of the battery must be covered with a secured rubber mat.
20. All cooling systems must be original equipment or less and must be located in the engine compartment under the hood. No cooling systems (motor oil, transmission or water) allowed in the driver's compartment. No auxiliary tanks allowed. Electric fans are allowed but no steel fan blades are permitted.
21. All air conditioning systems must be drained and rubber hoses removed prior to arrival at track.
22. All cars must have 18 inch high numbers clearly painted on roof. Numbers must also be on each door. NO QUESTIONABLE LANGUAGE ALLOWED ON CARS. (Officials' discretion)
No hitting on the driver's door. Doing so will result in disqualification.
24. Any car which does not move or hit a "LIVE" car within 1 minute will be disqualified. Officials will shut down at once any car which is deemed a safety risk. (Excessive smoking or throwing debris from spinning tires).
25. Heat winners and fans' choice can run a car which has been run in the present derby. Car and/or driver can only qualify once, unless car or driver has been DQ for evening.
26. A 5 mph speed limit must be maintained at all times in the pit area, parking lot and driveways.
27. No passengers are to be riding on or in demo cars at any time. This includes pit area, parking lot and driveways.
28. The only people allowed on the track at any time will be drivers, officials, and towing personnel.
29. TIRES: ONLY 4 ply passenger or 6 ply LT tires DOT approved tires can be used except pickups may be up to 10 ply. Only 1 tire per wheel. NO STUDS!!! All wheel weights must be removed. Only AIR is allowed in tires. No fluid of any type. NO SPLIT RIMS.
30. NO ALCOHOL OR INTOXICATED PEOPLE IN THE PITS!!! They will be ejected and possibly arrested. Any alcohol will be confiscated!!!
31. A driver license must be presented by all drivers at registration.
32. All demolition derby cars must be removed from the racetrack within one (1) hour after the competition has ended and from the fairgrounds by 1:00 a.m.
33. All persons in the pit area must display the official wristband for the event or they will be removed from the pit area.
34. All drivers must wear eye protection in the form of goggles or a face shield. Regular eye glasses will not meet this requirement.
35. Tailgate must be removed. Must run chains or cables minimum ¼ inch in 4 spots through bed and around frame in addition to stock bolts.
36. Fuel tank in bed located in front center of bed.
37. No lift kits, no suspension lift kits or mod. of any kind. Maximum bumper top 29 inches.


Bedford County Fair Special Rules
1. All pre-registrations will be handled at the fair office in Bedford. Entry forms will be available at www.bedford-fair.com and at the fair office starting April 1st. During April thru May 25th, office hours are 9 a.m.-12 Noon, Monday thru Friday. Hours from May 29th until the Fair are 9 a.m.-Noon and 12:30-4:30 p.m., Monday thru Friday.
2. A driver’s license must be presented at the time of registration.
3. The entry fee is $10.00 per vehicle per class.
4. All persons in the pit must wear official wristband.
5. Everyone, (including all drivers) must pay the $16.00 Pit Fee and wear a wristband.
6. All persons must pay the "Pay One Price" at the main gate. This allows you on the rides and into the exhibits, and on the grandstand.
7. Vehicle hauling demo car will not be charged a parking fee.
8. Registration will close 30 minutes before start of event. Late entries can only be approved by the presiding judge.
9. The decision of the officials will be final.
10. NO ALCOHOL OR INTOXICATED PEOPLE IN THE PITS!! They will be ejected and possibly arrested! Any alcohol will be confiscated!!!

Mini Van Derby

See Rules and Regulations and "E" above for definition of Mini-Van
Tuesday, July 24 – 6:30 pm – Entry Fee $10.00

Full Size Stock Car Derby (No Modified)

See Rules and Regulations and "B" above for definition of Full Size Stock Car
Tuesday, July 24 – 6:00 pm – Entry Fee $10.00
Additional Rules:
**No modifications or reinforcements allowed to the car body, frame or suspension, except for an optional bar behind driver seat from door post to door post no higher than ¾ up the back seat. Maximum diameter 3 inches must be welded in place. This shall be the ONLY weld allowed on the body or frame of vehicle.
**Original car bumper only.
**Original body mounts must be in place.
**Floor shifters and removal of the ignition switch will be allowed.
**Headers are permitted.
**Rears may be locked.

6 Cylinder Car Derby

See Rules and Regulations and "D" above for definition of Six Cylinder Car
Thursday, July 26 – 6:30 pm – Entry Fee $10.00

Pick-up Truck, SUV's Derby

See Rules and Regulations and "C" above for definition of Truck & SUV
Thursday, July 26 – 6:30 pm – Entry Fee $10.00
Note rules 35, 36 and 37 above.

4 Cylinder Compact Car

See Rules and Regulations and "A" above for definition of 4 Cylinder Compact Car
Saturday, July 28 – 6:30 pm – Entry Fee $10.00
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