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Model Horse

Department 10 - Section A1R - Model Horse

Superintendent: Michele Dibert; Committee: Heather Clark, Tammy Furry

4-H Model Horse Show - Wednesday - 7 p.m. - 4-H Center

1. Must be current 4-H member enrolled in a horse, horseless, or model horse project, as verified by a leader's signature.
2. Entries must be made on the official entry form in the Fair Premium Tabloid.
3. Return completed and signed entries to the Fair office by entry dead line..
4. Each exhibitor may enter a maximum of two (2) models in each class, with the exception of the Collector's Class where you must enter at least five (5) models as one (1) entry (limit 1 entry).
5. Exhibitors may enter any type of model horse in the show, including ceramic, molded plastic, or wooden. No judging preference will be given to any brand name or manufacturer. Models will be judged on confirmation on the breed.
6. The rules of the State 4-H model Horse show will govern the Bedford Fair show, except for modifications made by the Fair committee. Please contact the Extension Office to receive more detailed rules and guidelines, class description, and entry form.


CLASS...$4 $3 $2 $1, 5th though 10th - ribbons only
1 Driving
2 English Pleasure
3 Other English
4 Western Pleasure
5 Other Western
6 Costume
7 Trail
8 Showmanship/with pattern
9 Collector Class
10 Light Breed
11 Gaited Breeds
12 Sport Breeds
13 Stock Breeds
14 Draft
15 Other Breeds
16 Pony
17 Other Animal
18 Bay/Browns
19 Gray/Whites
20 Chestnut/Sorrels
21 Blacks
22 Palominos
23 Roans
24 Duns/Buckskins
25 Paints
26 Appaloosas
27 Fantasy Color
28 Custom Tack (Tack must be created by the 4-H member)
29 Custom Model (Model must be created by the 4-H member)
30 Mare & Foal
31 Collector Class
32 Fantasy
Grand Champion & Reserve Performance Horse
Grand Champion & Reserve Color Halter Horse
Grand Champion & Reserve Breed Halter Horse
Overall Supreme from Performance, Breed, and Halter categories.
Best of Show Ribbon for Overall

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