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Department 106 - Junior Breed Goat

Superintendent: Spring Truax-Whisel (652-2268); Committee: Liana Lehman, Jesse Bywater, Lynne A. Shaffer, Jim Shaffer, Ayrian Hinish, Julie Sarver, Corey Snyder, and Mike Sarver
Show begins on Monday - 9:00 AM
1. Horns must be removed. EXCEPTION: Boer breeding goats as per Registry show rules - must be tipped or blunted on all boers.
2. Registration papers are necessary for all animals, showing breed, and that the animals are owned by the exhibitor, with the exception of leased animals. Registration application copies are acceptable for young kids when the registration papers are not available. Copy of the vet client relationship form, health papers and books are required for check in.
3. If animals are leased, lease forms must accompany registration papers and must be signed by the owner.
4. All 4-H and FFA record books, health papers, and registration/lease papers must be checked prior to show (No Exceptions).
5. All animals must be in the exhibitors possession by May 1 of the current year with the exception of the unborn kids.
6. No more than two (2) entries per class per exhibitor.
7. All age group classes in the breed show are determined by the day of the show (July 27, 2020).
8. Goats registered as more than one breed may only show in one breed division (ex. experimental, 50% one and 50% another may show in one breed or as an experimental not all or both)..
9. Billie kids can only be show in class 1 designated for billie kids.
10. Goats register as 50% or 75% American breed can be shown in the breed class only if it conforms to breed standard.
11. No wethers are accepted in breed goat classes, with the exception of the driving class only.
12. No animals are permitted to be housed on the Fair grounds that are not entered for the show.
13. Proper show attire is required (all white for dairy & pygmy, white shirt & black pants for Boer, 4-H, FFA or Fair shirts acceptable no open toed or heel-less shoes.
14. All exhibitors or representative need to be at the show area no later than fifteen (15) minutes before the show is scheduled to start in the case changes are made.
15. All animals must have registration papers, applications or a pedigree (accepted for pygmy and Boer only)
16. If there are any complaints, comments, concerns, please contact Spring Truax-Whisel, barn superintendent. No actions are to be taken personally, address all concerns to Spring.
17. There are to be no conflicts in the public view.
18. No personally owned milk stands are permitted in the barn area.
19. There is a limit of 20 total animals allowed to be entered per exhibitor.
20. Breed Division I - Other registered dairy breed is designated for dairy breeds not already listed. (Nigerian Dwarf, Sabel, etc.)
21. All animals are to be checked in and housed by 12 noon on Sunday.
No goats with open, seeping or fresh horn buds are permitted to be at the Fair.

Breeds - Sections 1-10

Please note difference in entry process. Breeds are now sections! For example - Alpine Billie Kid - entered as "Dept. 106, Section 1, Class 1"; Lamancha, Doe kid, 1-3 months entered as "Dept 106, Section 3, Class 2". The same classifications and premiums apply to each breed.

Section 1 - ALPINE
Section 2 - NUBIAN
Section 3 - LAMANCHA
Section 4 - SAANEN
Section 5 - TOGGENBURG
Section 6 - OBERHASLI

Classes - Breed Goats

CLASS...$6 $4 $3 $2 $2 $1
1 Billie Kid, 1-3 months
2 Doe Kid, 1-3 months
3 Doe Kid, 4-6 months
4 Kid, 7 months to 1 Yr.
5 Doe, 1 Yr. under 2 Yrs. Not in milk
Jr. Champion .... Rosette only
Reserve Jr. Champion .. Rosette only

8 Doe, 1 Yr. under 2 Yrs. In milk
9 Doe, 2 Yrs under 3 Yrs. In milk
10 Doe, 3 Yrs under 5 Yrs in milk
11 Doe, 5 Yrs & over in milk
12 Doe 3 Yrs. & Under dry doe
13 Doe 4 Yrs. & Over dry doe
14 Aged doe (any doe over 7 Yrs. Old must have freshened)
Sr. Champion ..... Rosette only
Reserve Sr. Champion ... Rosette only

17 Daughter/Dam
18 Get of Sire (any 2 females out of the same sire)
19 Produce of Dam (any 2 females out of the same dam)
20 Jr. Best Three Females (2 Yrs. & Under not yet have freshened)
21 Sr. Best Three Females (1 Yr. & over must have freshened)
22 Best Udder
23 Bred & Owned by (must have papers to confirm)
24 Family Tree (3 generation of 1 family, 1 breed)
25 Obstacle Trail (5 or more obstacles arranged in a pattern)
26 Free Driving (in cart, ground driven, single or double)
27 Costume Class
Rules for costume class are:
1. Entries are to be made under 4-H or FFA exhibitors only but are not limited to their participation.
2. Only one entry per exhibitor
3. Categories for the costume class are: Funniest, Cutest, Most Patriotic, Most Original, Themed & Best in Show.
4. Open to exhibitors only but is not limited to their participation.
Future Sire ( all breeds) Champion and Reserve Champion are Rosettes only.
Supreme Champion and Reserve Supreme Champion - Rosettes Only

Section 20 - Breed Goat Fitting & Showmanship


1. Entries in classes 1 and 8 may show any animal shown by an exhibitor in the breed show.
2. Each person in classes 2-6 and 10-13 will be paid $4.
3. Classes 8 & 16 are for 4-H & FFA members only, participating in the breed goat show.
4. Exhibitors may sign up for only one fitting and showman class.
5. Fitting and Showman classes will be held after the conclusion of the breed show.

Trophies: 1st Year Showman and 1st Year Fitter; Jr. Showman and Jr. Fitter; Int. Showman and Int. Fitter; Sr. Showman and Sr. Fitter; Supreme Champion, Master Showman, Master Fitter, Reserve Supreme Champion; Best Dairy Doe in Show

Showmanship Classes

1 Pee Wee Showman (4 years old and under)

1 Kiddie Showman (5 to 8 years of age)
2 First Year Showman
3 Jr. Showman (8-11)
4 Intermediate Showman (12-14)
5 Sr. Showman (15-over)
6 Alumni Showman (non 4-H or FFA member)
7 Master Showman (all 1st place Showman winners)

Fitting Classes

8 Peewee (4 years old and younger)
8 Kiddie (5 years to 8 years)
9 First Year Fitting
10 Jr. Fitting (8-11 years)
11 Intermediate Fitting (12-14 years)
12 Sr. Fitting (15 years and over)
13 Alumni Fitting (non 4-H or FFA member)
14 Master Fitting (all 1st place Fitting winners)

Goat Photo Contest


1. Photos must be 8 x 10 or smaller.
2. Limit to two (2) entries per exhibitor.
3. Do not frame the photos they will be laminated upon receiving them.
4. Entries are due to Spring Truax-Whisel by Friday July 24, 2020 at 118 West 6th Ave., Everett, PA 15537.
5. Categories for the contest are: funniest, cutest, most unusual, most scenic, most creative camera use, most creative photo, best portrait of a goat, and best background.
6. All entries are to be taken by and entered by 4-H or FFA members only.
7. Exhibitor name, age, club & address are to be on the back of all entries.
8. DO NOT remove photos from display!
9. All entries are to be picked up Saturday at the end of the Fair in the Jr. Exhibit building.

Good Housekeeping Award

Weekly prizes: 1st $15, 2nd $10, 3rd $5
1. Exhibitor(s) who maintain the most attractive and sanitary exhibit of goats and equipment. Groups include 4-H and FFA exhibitors housing their animals in the Jr. Dairy Barn.
2. Groups will be scored on the following basis:
30 points - Cleanliness of animals and bedding
20 points - Entry cards and ribbons properly displayed
10 points - Keeping grain and hay feed presentable
10 points - Keeping aisles clean
10 points - Neatness of exhibit
10 points - Extra, courtesy to people
3. Inspection will be made daily and unannounced.

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